we are small fry

Last month we had a couple weeks where we were all together, and we couldn’t help but get it documented! We used to take our close proximity for granted, but not anymore. We love our Small Fry family! We headed up to Silver Lake with our families and were so excited to have Hailey and Brad Devine of Haugen Creative come along. This film is the third (see #1 and #2 here on our YouTube channel  in our year long series with Ergo Baby and at this point it’s not hard coming up with fun adventures to show you all the versatility and ease this carrier provides. It just is part of our everyday with little Lolly girl. If you have a little one and you want them to be part of your world and your adventures, there’s just nothing better than an Ergo!

Check out our little hike below, we hope you like a little inside peek into our world:

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