We’re in full blown back to school mode and looking forward to the routine! Here’s what we’re thinking about this week:



WEARING: I am OBSESSING over this MAC Eye Kohl eyeliner in the color Teddy. As an eyeliner novice it is the perfect golden tone color that applies perfectly smudged and natural. It is definitely the most welcomed addition in to my makeup collection.

Since Emily posted about MAC Morange I’ve been fixated on finding a dupe. Nothing can compare to a good MAC Lipstick, but I’ve found something that comes in to a close second. NYX Butter Lipstick in Hot Tamale. It has that beautiful orange/red hue, applies beautifully and wears for a good 4 hours! If you’re not in to paying $17 for Morange, this $5.99 purchase is a good option!
While we’re on the topic of Orange, this maxi dress from Target has been a go to staple for me as I still am trying to navigate and figure out my post baby bod — along with the challenges of dressing for nursing. It makes me comfortable and it’s ON SALE!
READING: Still no time for reading here, but I have been compiling this book for Lolly and it is the absolute cutest thing ever on the planet. The prompts in it are SO darling like how much was bread and postage when she was born! I love the idea of looking back and remembering those every day things about the time in which she was born. This will be a new favorite shower gift as well!
WATCHING: Real Housewives of everything. I can’t help myself. So entertaining and honestly makes me appreciate my humble little California life!
LISTENING: I am obviously fascinated with food and various plans that people follow. I’ve recently been doing a lot of research on plant-based diets and how they starve cancer as well as promote healthy immune systems. Coming from a typically Paleolithic diet, switching to plant-based might be a drastic change but I’ve been loving listening to these TED talks about incorporating more plant-based things.
DECORATING: I recently bought some of these hanging planters to fuel my plant obsession.
ANTICIPATING: The next couple weeks! We’ve been working hard and have a lot of fun family things coming up including Jude’s 4th birthday! Excited for the weeks ahead! Also we’re in growing pains right now as we adjust to two new school schedules…looking forward to having that routine down!



WEARING: What’s that? You want more dresses? I found the jackpot at Forever 21 and have been wearing dresses everyday since. They’re all so inexpensive and super easy to dress up or down. Throw a plaid button up, chambray, or anorak around your waist and you’re ready for any fickle Summer slash Fall day. Shown: Striped // Longline // Geo (most comfortable dress EVER!) Burgundy (it comes in a bunch of colors!)

READING: Can’t stop thinking about this article I read awhile back about Fracking in a town in Utah. My Earth loving heart can’t take it sometimes!

LISTENING: The Accidental Creative podcast. If you’re working in a creative field, putting yourself out there on a daily basis, this one has been such a great addition for improving my work life balance! I get to one maybe a month.

DECORATING: I love finding inexpensive art since I like to shake things up every now and then. Either way can’t pass up a map of Paris, this Pineapple tray would hang pretty nicely too.

WATCHING: This quick montage of people getting puppies as gifts had me literally sobbing and laughing. Lobbing? When I need to remind myself why I wanted my naughty Leo dog, I’ll be watch this again and again.

FEELING: In denial. I have yet to do one thing  for “Back to School.” When you see me at the bus stop chanting “I’m not really here!” maybe just avert your eyes. (Seriously watch this clip it’s so good.


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