Nenu: Small Fry Approved

By Jenna:


We’ve entered that stage in baby life when! It’s exciting, horrific, stressful and an adventure!! Since our last two babies were three and a half years apart, lots has changed in the baby toy/teether world so I’ve been on the market for new ones to add to Lolly’s collection.FPYUHsAgrUFkL-EPf0Q0sYnfR51qDnt57oEVxeislnQ

I came across these teether by Nenu and I am absolutely obsessed with them. Is it sad or awesome to be excited about teethers? I think it’s just called #momlife. FVXM08gSun6Tez5jzvAiHh2q_6QrBEstZlGgLJBET8w

These little guys are SO darling, inventive and GENIUS. The size and hardness of the teether is meant to mimic their little fingers so it feels familiar to them! Lately Lolly has been teething pretty bad so we put these in the freezer for 20 minutes and she loves it. gXbGEcWGIDI3ffx0_XI2WBggMraJxulADvEehCfggLc

What’s super cool is it also floats in the water so it’s a perfect bath toy for her and the other kids as well! I love that these products are designed, manufactured, packaged and tested in the USA. Free of Phthalate, PVC, Vinyl, Latex, Lead, BPA and any other yucky stuff you don’t want in your babies mouth. yQg1KADhRBykQdXPt69LBJgw9v8rvVFHxRPBmX-UN2E


I contacted Nenu and they offered up an exclusive discount code for you Small Fry babes. Use code SMALLFRY25 at checkout for 25% off!

And don’t forget to come back and tell us how you like them!

p.s. for all you mamas starting first foods they have a spoon too! It’s so brilliant, the legs on it are designed to keep it off dirty tables!!! It’s a great training spoon and I can’t wait for Lolly to use it when she grows up a bit.

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