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You all know how much pride we take in a healthy packable lunch with today being the first day of school for many of our Small Fries we wanted to share a few more brands to help you not just make the grade, but Rock the Lunchbox!


Here’s how we’re using these four brands to create healthy options for Back to School! And luckily they have a whole site of additional ideas and coupons for you to grab, here! You can also submit your own lunch ideas on their site.rocktheboxGet healthy proteins and lots of Omegas for brainpower with hardboiled eggs and avocado on Rudi’s organic bread. Wash it down with an Honest Kids juice pouch and fresh fruit! Honest Kids is all about organic and sustainably sourced ingredients and only sweetened naturally!

Rock the Lunchbox

If you have kiddos that like to ditch the bread and eat the middles out try these skewers! Applegate sliced meat, cheese a pickle and a tomato re-think the sandwich and make it extra fun. Your kids will be smiling when they see this one, we guarantee! Hydrate with a juice pouch and a little sweetness with Annie’s Bunny Crackers. Some people ask “Why Organic?” and Annie’s says its so succinctly: They believe that sourcing organic ingredients is one of the most direct ways to prevent pollution, improve soil health,
protect biodiversity, and decrease our carbon footprint! So when you buy organic you’re not just feeding your family in a more pure form but also living more eco-friendly too!

Rock the Lunchbox

Another idea for your main course is a wrap! Rudi’s Wheat Tortilla filled with goodness and lots of Applegate meats. We’d do just about anything for Applegate, they are GMO, hormone and additive free and the leading the industry in products that we feel safe feeding even our littlest kids. Read their standard check list here, its worthy of applause. Perfect snack additions with Honest Kids juice and Annie’s!

Rock the Lunchbox

Our kids go through a ton of bread whether it be for breakfast lunch or dinner. Rudi’s Bakery is also GMO, preservative and corn syrup free. It’s as good as homemade and another switch over we’ve made this year in an effort to eat more cleanly.



Head to Rock the Lunchbox for more ideas and coupons to try all these delicious ingredients!



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