fall-ify your house

I know you’ve already heard this from me, but Fall is in the air! Say goodbye to summer, and hello to September 1st! While we’re at it let’s cozy up your living space for the cooler weather that is approaching! It’s simple, with a few swap outs, your space will feel Fall ready. It doesn’t take much! Fall-ify Your House
We teamed up with Maids.Com to show you how I do it each year, ready?
First. Spring cleaning is NOT just for spring. I like to deep clean and de-clutter before all new seasons. Especially fall. We seem to acquire a lot of junk through the summer months, in an attempt to keep everyone entertained, and it feels so good to box it up, put it away, or drop it by the local donation center.  Start with these 10 easy tips to declutter your home from The Maids, then try moving onto cleaning duties. Start with a clean fresh slate of a home! When I deep clean I love to take one room at a time. Or one project at a time. Since we’re all glued to our phones, add calendar reminders monthly for projects like cleaning out your fridge, scrubbing baseboards or dusting blinds. Don’t  want to do it yourself, I totally support you. A home cleaning service is a great option to get a leg up on your deep cleaning! I know I’ve used plenty!
Next, Change the entire look of your living room by adding or replacing the throw pillows on your couch. Here are some I currently love that scream fall! ONE / TWO / THREE /
Third. I love having throw blankets folded through my home, so its always easy to cozy down on the crisp fall days. It adds warmth to the space and is such an easy and inexpensive addition. These are what I’m eyeing: ONE / TWO /
If you are willing to spend a little more on this Fall-ify, another option is an area rug. Adding or changing an area rug is also a simple way to make a big change in the look of a space.
ONE, TWO & THREE, FOUR & FIVE, too. (10% off right!)
I have raved about this lamp in a recent post. Im in love with it and have them all over my home. I used an Edison bulb for a warmer light and it has totally changed the ambiance of the room.
We did it, we Fall-ified your home! Here are some other ideas if you are interested in doing to the same to your wardrobe! Fall Hats and transition Sandals!


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