case for the waist

By Emily.

I was getting dressed one day this Summer and realized how many tops I had accumulated that were just a little too cropped after laundering. Where I would have to tug and pull and not life my arms for any reason or my stomach was out. That alone was reason enough to find a everyday high-waisted denim. Something I could wear with any shoe and basically take over my standard skinny pair and work well with all these shrunken tops! highwaistH&M Dark // Black // Flare // Madewell // CofH Grey Distressed // Topshop

I have and love high waisted flares, but they have to be worn with big platforms, so not an everyday option for sure. Here’s what I’ve tried and loved! These start at $9.99 and go up to $200+ for beautiful designer quality. Three of my very favorite came from H&M if you’re looking for a place to start! And of course had to askmy jean-ius (womp womp) buddies over at Lunchpails & Lipstick who know designer denim back and forward — these are the pairs they suggest, too!

I am loving them with a tucked in blouse and blazer, such a perfect Fall combo and one I am excited to sport when the weather cools off!high waisted for FallJessica Alba // Who What Wear 2 & 3 //

Whether you’re tucking your top in and going for the full effect, or just letting the extra inches of length settle under your cropped blouse, the eye is drawn upward and it creates the illusion that you have legs for days. If you’re like me and have a sort of resting food baby, look for denim with “shaping” in the title for extra structure and hold! don’t know anyone that wouldn’t be down with that! Do you all have any high waisted favorites? Excited to keep on the hunt for the perfect pair.

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