As usual our end of week tradition is here! This month one of our favorite coupon sites, Groupon is featuring us on their homepage! We were so flattered to hear this and to celebrate we wanted to incorporate a couple of our favorite Groupon deals into our ritual post. Things we’re using and loving and best of all, saving money on!


WEARING: I’ve been heavily addicted to Anthropologie dresses. Yes they’re more expensive than a regular dress but they’re SUCH good quality that stand the test of time! These ones are also (of course) nursing friendly. I wore them to a weekend away with Orbit (more on that later) and got so many compliments! Blush Peasant Dress //  Shirt Dress // Also have you seen Lularoe? They make some of my favorite basics and fun bold patterned dresses. Love their company and what they represent….also I’m obsessed with the Irma top.

READING: My friend Bri recommended this book and now I’m obsessed with the work of  parenting expert Janet Lansbury. I’m listening to her Podcasts, following on Facebook and reading all her books….can you be a super fan of a parenting book author…because I am! I love her philosophy and have already reaped so many benefits from using her techniques.
LISTENING: To my aching neck from all the desk work lately and getting myself a massage. There’s close to a million super inexpensive options here.
ANTICIPATING: SOOOO MUCH! I have so many exciting projects in the works and upcoming traveling I feel like I need 12 of me, but I’m really excited for all I have in store!
DECORATING: How many rugs can one person purchase? Currently looking for space for this one.
WATCHING: I feel like all my shows are coming to a close and I’m PANICKING. Help me…what should I be folding laundry to?
FEELING: Late to the party. Snapchat guys? I’m obsessed. I’m SO ANNOYING ON IT, but also I don’t care and can’t help myself! Join me @jennaskitchen.



WEARING: Snapchatted (@emilykframe) my outfit with these shoes yesterday and it was snapback central, glad you like ’em! They’re such a great deal at $45, but still awesome quality. I would’ve happily paid double. Love them with jeans or a dress and am really excited to put them with thick tights this Fall! They have three colors and I need them all!
READING: I’m sure you all already are reading, but I love Cup of Jo’s Motherhood Around the World series. The last one about Cuba and daily life as a parent in a communist country was so fascinating!
DOING: I’ve hinted at my latest work-out obsession and now several months in feel ready to share the good news (I was selfish before and I’m sorry.) It is for all levels, you can push yourself as hard as you want, and I have never sweat (actual drips) so much or had more fun in a work out! It’s called Crosskick and it’s a combination of Interval training and kick boxing. Yowza! There are two local gyms that have Groupons for a 5 class package for $36 and it includes gloves. If you’re looking for something to jumpstart your exercise regimen you will love this!
LISTENING: My boys latest request is 2 Heads by Coleman Hell. It’s a catchy little ditty, yeah I said it.
WATCHING: Project Runway! I have been dedicated since season 1, and this season is chock full of nutcases, it’s a good time! Also I’d like to know what foundation Zac Posen is using because he is positively porcelain.
FEELING: I was feeling so defeated that every school morning was going to be a stress ball of chaos and nothing but yelling at my kids to hurry or we’re going to be late. We finally had a peaceful morning yesterday and today and I’m sure they’re grateful, too. Any tips for continued calm mornings?


WEARING: I fell for this foundation a couple years ago when my friend introduced me. “It’s like putting silk on your face” she said. And what better way to start your day? It’s so light with the perfect amount of coverage. I have freckles, and don’t want to hide them completely, but still want to even out my skin tones. This is the perfect fit for me, and I think you’d love it too. // Loving the wave of throwback sneakers making there way back into fashion these last few years. I started with a love for my white converse, and then wanted something fresh. So I ripped of my 5 year old Dash’s look and bough some Adidas. The Sambas are my jam today, but next week I’ve got more Adidas love coming your way.
READING: We are big collectors of any books illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, and currently are anticipating the release of his newest Imaginary Fred! Pre order available now! We can’t wait!

FEELING: Did you know that Groupon lists deals from around the web each day? So nice to go to one place and get informed. That’s how I found this Asos dress, more than half off! Heart eye emojis for them saving me so much time!

Thanks again Groupon, we love you! And we love YOU, hope you have a great weekend and as always all our love for your support and reading Small Fry.

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