Family Chores with Cottonelle

By Nicole:



When Cottonelle reached out with the chance to talk about organization and team work in the home, we jumped on the opportunity. First, because of course we love the brand. Isn’t it the truth that some toilet paper brands REALLY are better than others? YES. Take it from us moms that wipe little bums for a living (wink. but sort of not wink)

In my house, chores haven’t necessarily been implemented quite yet. Dash is 5 and Sunny is 3 and the only way I can get the dudes to help me is with a bribe. Well, I’m running out of treats in my candy drawer, and ready for them to start ENJOYING house work. However there are very few jobs their little hands, and short attention spans can handle.



We bust through rolls of toilet paper so fast with 3 of us, plus constant family, friends and guests, runny noses, spills ect. Keeping up on keeping the bathrooms stocked with toilet paper is a simple job, but the last thing on my mind when I’m picking play dough out of the carpet and gum out of Sunny’s hair. I took this opportunity to give Dash his first designated household chore. To check in on each bathroom, once in the morning and once in the evening, to be sure the toilet paper roll is full, and when it is starting to get low, to grab another off the shelf in the storage and set on back of the toilet for when it runs out completely. We don’t want to leave Grandpa in there stranded, right?






Dash has really amplified this simple, yet crucial chore. He sees its importance, it give him the responsibly, he feels accomplished and proud of himself, and can easily reach up on the shelf and run a new roll into the bathroom. When we get home from the grocery store with a new package of toilet paper rolls, he takes it from the trunk to the storage shelf, and piles them on up. He knows when we are running low, and reminds me to hit the toilet paper aisle at the grocery store. Dash had because the man of the house with this new MEGA (roll) responsibly. Im so proud of him, I feel one less things I need to worry about, which makes me a happy woman. Now I’ve got to figure out how to stop Sunny from arguing over who gets to replenish the rolls. I need more bathrooms.





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