Kids Can Decorate, too!




By Nicole:

We have gotten really into watercolor at my house, and I get CRAZY about my kids getting in the way when I’m working on a project. Then you know how it goes, mom guilt kicks in and I realize I’m being selfish. SO, I figured i’d give them a shot at some pretty water color work for the walls. Turns out, it was my very favorite piece EVER so I mounted in front and center in the living room. Here is how I (sort of) controlled the project so it didnt get out of hand, and enter up a 3 & 5 year old masterpiece.

kid-art4First, I mixed the colors myself. As I’m sure you know from experience, if you let the kids do that part, you’ll get a bunch of blacks and browns. Yuck.

Then, I blocked out the areas of the water color paper that I wanted to remain white. I gave them brushes for each color, and a couple glasses of clean water, and let them go at it.



I LOVE what they came up with, and they are beyond proud that their work is framed in the center of our home. An idea that could top it right off it letting them sign their names in the bottom corner. Monet in the making.



4 thoughts on “Kids Can Decorate, too!”

  1. This is great! How did you block out the areas you wanted to remain white? And it’s just water colors? I love it and want to try it!!!

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