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YOU GUYS. Have you seen fridababy products? If not you might be living under a rock or not going to Target, but let us enlighten you! Fridababy makes some of our VERY favorite products you had no idea would enrich your life so greatly. They are so innovative while still easy to use. Let’s break it down.frida

NoseFrida // Ever have a stuffed up baby that can not breathe and therefore cannot sleep so NO one is sleeping? Yeah this is your best friend. It’s a little bit weird at first, but trust us, mucous doesn’t stand a chance against it.

The Windi // Words can not express our love for this one. When Jenna had her third baby who had severe Colic, the women of Instagram spoke with fountains of advice, but The Windi was sung most loudly. You may be alarmed initially, but NOTHING gets out gas like your friend The Windi. Turns out they’re sort of tough to find in store which is a shame, but never fear you can get it over night basically on or Amazon. Or better yet buy this before you eat something your baby doesn’t like — cause this will save you.

The Buttwasher // Does just as it says it will. It’s a portable bidet that will leave your kiddos (or you for that matter) so fresh and so clean clean. Wiping is a constant battle at our house and not entirely super sanitary during the practice stage of potty training so this tool makes us confident that all is well down there 🙂

The Momwasher // This one is brand new and we’re obsessed. This is WAY better than the bottle they give you in the hospital. If you’re a man reading this you can stop now to save yourself. The bottle can be held upside down and has a narrow neck for easier aim… cause ya know… things are messy after a baby. You deserve more than a plastic bottle after what you’ve been through. Treat yourself to the mom washer!

Have you had any success using these innovative products? Leave your praise in the comments below!

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