play it safe

As you all heard last weekend I took my boys to Old Navy‘s Play it Safe event in tandem with their huge kids + baby sale!
As hard as I try to impress safety on my kids hearing it from firefighters, police offers, doctors and nurses has a little bit better effect. 😉 Just wanted to share a bit from our experience if you’d like to see!Old Navy Sale

Old Navy brought in experts from so many incredible fields to teach the little ones (and parents too!) Like a local nutritionist to share how to be healthy and healthy snacks to enjoy. Our locations firefighters were actually called to an actual fire, which Dash and Sunny thought was super cool. Old Navy SaleOr any sports lovers dream (my Dash is completely obsessed with soccer lately so this one was his fave) a sports safety expert to teach them how to be active and smart while playing. Even the simple safety reminders like looking both ways when crossing the street, or stop drop and roll if you come across a flame. Old Navy Sale Even a local technology speaker to show us the ropes on being safe online and how to hand over the iPad or phone without worrying what they might run into. Old Navy Sale

And you all know I can’t pass up a good chance to shop. Here’s what we picked up from their awesome sale this week – so many 50% off goods!

Toddler OLD-NAVY

Backpack ($12!) Joggers // Beanie // Cap // Hoodie // Sneakers

and Big Boyon

Beanie // Denim shirt // Joggers // Jacket // Raglan // Sneakers

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