If you’re reading this we are in the air en route to New York City! We have been preparing for this weekend for so long it’s crazy that we’re finally here. We’ll be working our brains out throwing a party for the City Kid Pop Up‘s vendors with Munchkin, but you know we play as hard as we work, so we’ll be back next week to share every detail with you, and of course follow along on social media @smallfryblog!


Wearing: For those who were on the edge of their seats about my 90’s lip quandary… I finally figured it out. Line and fill your lip (angle the pencil so the wood and lead is flush against your lip) with Burgundy and then top with Whirl. The burgundy brings the red and the whirl brings that brown/gray. Bob’s your uncle.

Reading: Bringing “All the Light We Cannot See” for the flights this week. I’ve heard such good things, and it has a Pulitzer if you’re impressed by those types of things. 😉

Listening: Nicole and I have been talking non-stop about Ryan Adam’s 1989. Is he not a genius? I don’t even recognize those pop songs anymore!
Eating/Anticipating: Basically all I can think about is the food we’re going to consume this trip. I worked out everyday in preparation.
Watching: Empire is back, baby.


Wearing: These navy beauties!

Reading: Facebook. Guys I LOVE facebook! I know right?! How uncool of me, but seriously it keeps me so informed of the good, the bad, the ugly. Judge me, but I like it.

Watching: Portlandia. Season 2 on Netflix. This show KiLLS me dead. I love it and it makes me think I belong in Portland. 😂

Anticipating: NYC!!! Right now I’m on a six hour flight with my littlest sis (wish us luck) and on my way to play in the big city with my best girls. So excited!



Using: So this crazy looking sponge that looks like charcoal, is actually a crazy looking sponge that is charcoal! I use it exfoliate on nights I don’t use my favorite facial scrub. It’s gentler on my skin, is 100% natural, and leaves my skin feeling silky.

Wearing: I’ve never been a boyfriend Jean girl, but I’ve fallen in love, can’t take these off, and am wondering why I spent so many years in tight uncomfortable pants! // This fresh scent has been a staple for me for a few years now. No other scent leaves me feeling so fresh, finished and feminine!

Decorating: I have an abundance of glass trays around my home. They hold everything I don’t have a place for, and they make all those things look pretty! Whenever Nate Berkus releases a new one, I snag it quick.

Reading: My kids love to ask questions about where people live, how far away is Disneyland, can we walk to China, how many movies would we have to watch to drive to Canada. You know how it goes. This book has been one of the great teaching tools, and a saving grace for me. It’s real hard to explain geography to a 3 year old.

Listening/Surviving On: 1989 – Ryan Adams style.


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