DIY wall hanging

By Emily.

I think texture is my favorite thing to play with when decorating, especially with art and wall decor! I love seeing all the macrame wall hangings around, but knowing how quickly I get sick of home decor, I wanted to give it a whirl myself. So, here she is and here’s how I did it…
DIY wall hanging

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First, pick color scheme. I know cream is the norm, but I love a good pop of color! I have lots of oranges and pinks throughout my family room from this art piece from Karen Kimmel and my framed marbled papers from Paper Mojo (see them in this post!)Shape ShifterThe family room was likely where this piece would live, so I grabbed yarn colors that felt like they might fit. Then picked up two of these wood planks and some left over walnut wood stain.DIY wall hangingTo speed up the next step I found that cutting lots of yarn at once was so helpful. For long pieces I wrapped yarn around my banister and then cut them all on one side only. (Also you can see another art piece that influenced this color scheme in this pic.)DIY Wall HangingFor shorter pieces wrapping them around my arm and cutting on side worked super fast as well! The once you have them cut grab several lined up at once to glue down. DIY Wall HangingDo a couple strips of glue on top of the wood and bottom and then place your line-up of yarn down tapping carefully to set them without burning your fingers. Once I knew the design I measured and marked on the wood how big of sections I needed for each color. I am a symmetry freak so this step is vital to me but probably no one else. 😉DIY Wall HangingThen once it dries I nailed two nails on the wall to set the piece on, the yarn hides them perfectly! Once I saw it on the space it was easier to see how to give it a quick trim. I shaped it up and called it a day!DIY wall hanging

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