We made it! Recovering after a grueling work and play trip has proved to be no easy task so we’re clearing schedules and taking it as easy as possible this weekend! Here’s what we’re thinking about:



Wearing: I always cary a backpack when traveling, and we spent the last week in NY together as a team (more to come on that, next week!) This is the pack I carried. It’s a little smaller than my usual go-to’s (see here and here) which was perfect since I wasn’t traveling with my kids. I bought it from Shopbop but just noticed it’s 25% off right now at Nordstrom! Here is the link, go get it! // And also this mask, Emily and I both realized this weekend we have a new love for it. Its literally a magic worker! And its PITCH black on your face. It’s insane! // Lastly, I bought these at the new Kate Spade store in Chelsea, and I haven’t taken them off. The perfect little gems for my 1/2 black wardrobe.

I love a book that teaches + has pretty design. BINGO.
Anticipating: FALL HAYRIDE! I’ve thrown a hayride for all our friends a few different Autumns, but took a couple years off. BUT I’ve got the motivation back so hey, friends, HAY RIDE IS ON ITS WAY!
Watching: This weekend I’ve got set aside for General Conference. The LDS church holds a twice yearly conference where all our leaders share messages with members of the church through out the world. Best part is, you don’t have to be a member to watch! And it’s so incredible and uplifting for members of all faith! Need some light in your life? I DO! Watch with me!



Wearing: Self-proclaimed trend whore right here! I’ll try anything flattering once, and I have failed a thousand times I’m sure. If these thick socks with my high-top sneakers or my t-strap clogs is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
Spraying: Every couple years I smell a perfume and become enamored. It all started a decade ago with Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, and since then includes Miss Dior Cherie, YSL Cinema, Jo Malone Peony and Suede, and now Miu Miu’s brand new perfume release. It’s amazing and just released in the states.
Reading: After visiting my little brother he sent me with instructions to read Junky by William Burroughs. I had to laugh and remind him that I’ve loved Beat generation authors since before he could read.
Listening: Echoing Jenna’s rec from last month about Janet Lansbury. I’ve been listening to her super quick podcasts while on the go and I’m picking up phrases and diffusing melt-downs like a boss. Sometimes you just need new tools, right? Janet for Pres.
Watching: Sounding like a broken record but since we’re each three LDS, that’s to be expected. I find so much comfort in watching General Conference each Spring and Fall. You know when you read a really uplifting meme or Insta caption (winking so hard right now) and you feel like for a moment you can conquer the world. That is conference, but like 10 hours worth.



Wearing: Flying with a baby across the country isn’t easy so I’m not about to get gussied up for a flight. I wore these and this sweat shirt that made me a HIT with my little boys. Also Nikes, always. IT HAS POCKETS.

 Anticipating: Nothing. I have absolutely nothing planned for October and it feels so wonderful.
Decorating: I’ve been having fun sort of sprucing up my living room. I recently found a tiny mid-century coffee table which I’m obsessed with on Craigs List and so of course I needed a new rug. I’ve been on the hunt for SO LONG for the perfect one and I think this is it. It sheds but hopefully that fades….but it is SO COMFY! Also I’ve been speaking Halloween and going STRAIGHT to Thanksgiving decor. This doormat I’m obsessed with and makes me so happy every time I come home, this pumpkin and this one for my mantle and this killer wood vase. All of those are 10% off right now when you use code FALLHOME.
Watching: All.the.shows!!! Fall TV is back and I’m thrilled (and behind!) Scandal and Nashville are the ones I’m most thrilled bout!
Eating: I recently got a Trager Grill and so we’ve been smoking all the things. I hope to share some of our recipes with you guys soon!
Feeling: Tired. Wiped out really. Been running really hard and I’m excited to have this month to relax and recuperate with my family!

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  • alli
    October 2, 2015 at 3:31 pm

    Backpacks are the only bag I will carry now, especially when my kids are with me, conference is amazing, and I am also PSYCHED about fall TV being back on. XOXO


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