emoji pumpkins

Hello pumpkin season!! Our kids love the whole process: picking the perfect pumpkin at a patch (accidental alliteration, whoa!) But then once those suckers get carved, enjoying your hard work has an expiration date. So, we love decorating pumpkins without the knife! Whether it’s paint or embellishments, we love that they last all season AND our kids can be hands on from start to finish instead of handing the sharp tools over to us. Today’s idea… emoji pumpkins! Emoji PumpkinsWe created our favorite emojis, but you could cut lots of shapes and have your kids make their own faces Mr. Potato head style. We’ve shared before that our group texts are pretty epic at Small Fry, here’s how we use these… “I’m dead” emoji – used when things are really cute, or really irritating.Emoji PumpkinsThe “You’re not going to like what I’m about to say” or the “sorry not sorry” emoji:Emoji PumpkinsWhen you see the inbox after a long day away:Emoji PumpkinsWhen you clean the inbox out:Emoji Pumpkins  When we’re brainstorming ideas and lightning strikes! Or anytime Jenna sends a pic of Lolly.Emoji Pumpkins

Add these to your list of Pumpkin activities! The boys had a blast.

Emoji Pumpkins

More pumpkin ideas – Chalkboard pumpkins, free printable templates, a penny pumpkin.

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