Another week in the books! Can you believe Halloween (and November!) are all next week? We can’t either, but here’s what is on our minds…

NICOLE:frynicWearing: I’m back with the sunnies. I know, we are heading into Autumn but my fetish never seems to fall (see what I did there?) These two tones are perfect for me because I always have hard time picking between tortoise and black. I love them both so much. So, voila!

Decorating: You got to click over and check this throw out cause in the photo it looks simply striped. It’s not! Get on it. I’m obsessed!
Reading: In a constant collection mode of these Kinfolks. To be honest I never read them, just flip. They are just so pretty on my shelf. So should I categorize them as decoration? Wink.
Anticipating: My next piece of art! I can’t stop with the water color lately. My walls are literally covered in my own art (and some other peoples, but mostly mine.) It’s been such a calming pass-time, when I find time I need to pass. Here is my favorite starter set of watercolors. I’ve added lots to my collection, but it was the perfect base set.


Wearing: The Madewell Sale is killing me right now!! So many good things. Everything is 40% off sale, use the code EXTRA40!! Crazy. This sweater in Golden Compass is incredible, the color is gorgeous in person. I am going a little crazy over buffalo check, ’tis the season!’ Also, this vest caught my eye and I can’t wait to sport it once the weather cools down in California. I bought this shirt for $74 and now it’s less than $35, I also bought it in the blue. I love that it’s short sleeve, but Fall appropriate for us warmer climate folks! Kicking myself. Obsessing over this cause it’s buffalo check AAAAAAAND a shirt dress! These sandals are so gorgeous in person and really comfortable, I also hardly ever see shoes I love from Madewell go on sale.

Listening: I have been super in to Podcasts lately. My very favorite series right now is one called MAGIC LESSONS by Elizabeth Gilbert. (It’s already a best seller in book form!) It’s all about creativity and feeling stuck in our lives that way and I just love it. Episode 12 is a particular favorite of mine because my girl Brene Brown is featured. If you’ve never watched her Ted Talk “The Power of Vulnerability”, start there. Truly life-changing and one I listen to on a weekly basis. I love Podcasts because they’re free, educational and inspiring and I can multi-task while I listen!
Anticipating: I’m writing this earlier in the week so by the time this has posted I will have gotten to the other side of this, but Andrew is leaving town for 3 days and I’m just paralyzed with fear about it. What! How can I be saying that? I once spent SEVEN WEEKS straight single parenting on my own. But it’s been a year since he’s traveled and now we have 3 kids and he is just such a strength and a help in our family. Going at it alone truly frightens me. I know it will be fine and I know we will get through it but man I’m just anxious anticipating it.
Decorating: Target is just so on point right now I’m obsessed with everything. Also a lot of the Nate Berkus line released in the Fall is on sale now.
Watching: Did I already say that season 2 Portlandia is on Netflix? If not there you go, if so, I’ll say it again!
Feeling: Busy. Reallllll busy! Trying to do less work with more focus (remember this post?) and find good ways to manage my time. Is there an app for that?

Wearing: Couldn’t help myself when I saw these obsidian (navy) Nikes! Maybe the closest a sneaker has ever been to chic? Pairing it with this super-steal camel coat, mid-rise medium wash (BDG denim lasts forever and fits great!) I’ve seen this combo work on just about everyone I admire for their fashion sense.

Reading: I’m having the worst luck getting into my last several books, looking for something to hook me back in and I think from reviews I’ve read – The Girl on the Train is it. A page turning thriller a la Gone Girl? Sign me up! Any other recs to share?

Listening: I have so many questions after listening to the Limetown podcast. WTF, man?! Also, Youth Lagoon’s new CD is super good. I consider it high praise if I can picture it as a movie soundtrack, and every track would fit!

Decorating: I got this marquis lightbox by Typo for the boys’ room and its been so fun for Hayes to practice his words. Doubles as a night light, score!

Watching: We saw The Martian a couple weekends ago and I LOVED it. It was so entertaining and smart. I wish I had read the book first, but at the rate I’m going lately it wasn’t gonna happen.

Feeling: Ready to party! My husband and I rang in our 10 year anniversary this week and I’ll fill you in on all the fun next time, but we’re not taking this accomplishment lightly. The other night when the kids were just impossible to put down for the night I walked in swearing under my breath and Russ said “All because two people fell in love.” His humor has been a staple in my happiness since for nearly half my life. Grateful for him!!


  1. Jen:
    on October 23, 2015 at 4:28 pm said:

    The Madewell promo code doesn’t work anymore. I think the promo ended Monday. Anyone else notice the same problem?

  2. mara:
    on October 24, 2015 at 11:27 am said:

    emily – those navy nikes!!!!!!!!

  3. Monica:
    on October 24, 2015 at 12:18 pm said:

    Code doesn’t work for me either :/

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