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We’re so honored to share in the release of not only Sonnet James‘ new line, but also their amazing charitable donations! Each day they launch a new dress in tandem with a charity that benefits families, women and children and a portion of dress sales go directly to those charities. Today the Coco dress benefits a cause very near to our hearts: The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Turkey.  Sonnet James for Syrian Refugees Some of you may know that Jenna grew up 10 years of her life in the Middle East and holds many memories and people close in that part of the world. Her parents now currently live in Turkey!NCC_8302They have seen first-hand the amazing generosities of the Turkish people, and the unimaginable suffering and loss of the nearly 1 million Syrian refugees Turkey is currently caring for. While Emily was traveling last week she met a Turkish man who works part of the year away from home and then returns to Turkey. He said walking to and from work he often happily finds himself coat-less, boot-less, and grocery-less as he casts off anything he doesn’t desperately need for those refugees he comes across along the way.Sonnet James for Syrian Refugees He said “If I showed up on their door, I know they would do the same.” What an inspiring man and another element to our desire to help. How blessed we are to enjoy the safeties and comforts we do? To know our children are protected, that they will return home to us, to have a home.Sonnet James for Syrian Refugees They still need resources terribly and buying a Coco Sonnet James dress means that you will literally get those resources to their hands. A simple way to say, I see you, and I support you. Jenna herself will be delivering resources in Turkey this Christmas, which we will be sure to share!Sonnet James for Syrian RefugeesWe can’t thank Sonnet James enough for affording us the opportunity to shed some light from this space onto such a cause. We are proudly joining our voices with theirs and hope that if you need yourself a little black dress, this might be the one you choose. Sonnet James for Syrian RefugeesYou can follow along with Sonnet James and the highlighted charities at their site and also socially! @sonnetjames

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  1. Such a lovely dress! I went on the website to see about ordering, and I have to say I was a little disappointed to see that only $3 per dress actually goes to the selected charity. I would say that it is a great idea to donate to the continued crisis, but in this case, I would rather buy the dress for beauty alone and give funds directly to the refugee crisis that will surely amount to more than $3 per dress.

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