Happy weekend everyone! We’ve got an action packed weekend and we’ll be sure to share! In the meantime, here’s what we’re thinking about this past week:


I start every winter off with a new coat. This year, this was my choice. Most time I’ll wait for something to hit the sale rack, but I couldn’t live a day without this.

This is the latest addition to my coffee table book collection. It’s enormous and heart eyes all over. Los Angeles: Portrait of a City 

Having a Friendsgiving tomorrow with some close family and friends. So excited to eat with people I love. I live for this! Also! Opening a new photo studio that is ALLLL but done. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can share photos!

I bought a few of these chairs for my photo studio, I’m in love!! And the price is killer.



Wearing: I bought this skirt for our family pictures and this image DOES NOT do it justice. it is so gorgeous and the perfect gold and floor length and shimmery and sigh. you NEED it for the holidays.

Reading: Brene’s latest, Rising Strong. This book is all the thinggggggs. It is so so so good… you MUST buy it and take time for yourself and read it. she talks about everything from FOMO to Shame. I love love love her and resonate with her so much.
Decorating: Currently doing some work to my back patio and trying to make a small space useable. It’s a must in Southern California! I found this table and took the plunge on it, trust me i’ve been doing a ton of research and this is a killer price!
Worrying: Ugh i’ve been just a mess this week. From things going on in my church to the crisis in Syria to social media, I’ve just had so much on my mind. I’m planning to unplug best i can this weekend and enjoy what makes most sense to me: my family. I encourage you to do the same! xo


Wearing/Decorating: It snowed yesterday, so wrap me up in this beauty. Or leave it strewn across my couch or bed, either way it’s luxe and I love it and I blame Reign.*

Reading: I finished the Girl on the Train. I hate every single character, but the story was gripping and a page turner, that is for sure.

Listening: The handmade market I run, Bijou, is upcoming and making a Christmas playlist in November always feels weird. Got any recommendations to add? I always love upbeat indie options like this.

Watching: On those Transatlantic flights last week I got seriously caught up on my movies. We rarely watch or go to them so there were plenty I hadn’t seen. I probably watched 8. Loved Still Alice, Theory of Everything and started that darn TV show Reign*. Hooked!

Feeling: I thought Daylight Savings effects were only felt by kids. But man, I have been falling asleep in a chair at 10 pm and waking chipper as a bird at 4:30 am. Getting so much work done while the world sleeps, but HELP!


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