Baby Led Weaning Ideas

By Jenna.

Have you heard of Baby Led Weaning? It’s sort of a silly name only because it implies that you are weaning your baby — which in this case I definitely am not. Nursing is still Lolly’s #1 source of nutrition, but I’ve loved the experience so much of skipping baby food puree and going straight to food!Baby Led Weaning

The concept behind this all makes total sense to me as you simply give the baby manageable size and texture of food in it’s real form so that it develops their fine motor skills as well as gives them a true sense of food. There have been some studies showing that this form of feeding makes for better eaters as they’re not introduced to food as mush or puree, but in the way it truly comes. Of course we all do what’s best for our families, but I thought I’d share this idea here as well as some ideas I have for first foods!Baby Led Weaning

We nursed exclusively till 7 1/2 months before we began this process so our foods have been able to be a bit more advanced. Lolly loves lunch meat (I prefer to do hormone-free Turkey), Super Grain Toast, diced Cherry Tomatoes and organic BlackberriesBaby Led WeaningAvocado spread on toast (she LOVES toast), red bean pasta and hard boiled eggs. There is some debate on allergies with eggs but I’ve done my own personal research and feel fine giving it to her. The yolk is actually the best part and most fatty but it’s SUCH a mess I hate it.Baby Led WeaningNow that she’s a bit older she can grab on to a whole banana and loves that plus it keeps her occupied for a bit! organic raspberries, chopped up Larabars and Annie’s Organic Cheddar Squares. 

Here are some tips:

This way of eating is MESSY. Strip down the baby — I’ve ruined a lot of jammies in the morning not doing this. Get a leather play mat. I love putting this on the floor and the high chair over so clean up is SO much easier! Also, occasionally still feed baby purees or food pouches. Those are still so convenient when I’m in a hurry, we’re in the car, Disneyland or the airport anywhere I don’t need her making a total mess of herself! Start small and slow. Gagging is normal and sounds and feels scary at first — educate yourself on the difference between their natural gag reflex and choking. ALWAYS be in the room and watching them closely!

You can read more information and safety guidelines on this site.


  • Phoebe
    November 24, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    Thanks for the tips! What high chair do you have?

  • Megan
    December 7, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    These are amazing ideas! We won’t be doing any weaning around here for quite some time (bun is still in the oven), but definitely going to bookmark this page. Also great snack ideas for toddlers. I’m always running out of ways to mix things up!

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