veyo kids mittyz

Oh man it is already so frigidly cold here in Utah (we will now commence¬†ignoring the fact that Jenna is in sunny Southern California until our temps reach at least 60 again.) But we are still trying to get our kids out in the fresh air everyday. Every time we do this we can’t help but replay that scene in a Christmas Story – poor Randy, but also poor Randy’s mom! Veyo Kids MittyzGetting them suited up for cold weather is exhausting and even more so when they get cold after only a handful of minutes. SO! Any cold weather clothes and accessories that help them enjoy themselves longer – we are all over!¬†Veyo Kids MittyzNot only are these Mittyz by Veyo Kids the most darling things, but you don’t have to worry about straps, finger holes, velcro. You just slip it on, cinch it tight and let your kids loose. Veyo Kids MittyzAnd how cute are these designs? Veyo Kids MittyzFind them all here!

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