mean tweets, kid style!

We are back with Hulu this season to highlight some of our favorite Fall TV! We love that Hulu segments Late Night TV like this because watching the full hour feels daunting sometimes, and we love that we can catch our favorite highlights or watch the whole program, too! We’ve thought countless times how amazing Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segment would be with the crazy things people say anonymously online, but the more we got thinking, we don’t even need to reach that far – our kids can be pretty brutally honest as well!  We whipped this one up with Collin Kartchner Films – and we shared a clip on Instagram a couple months ago and the comments alone would’ve made three more hilarious reels. Check them out here!

So glad Fall TV is back. To celebrate Hulu has a huge collection of your favorite shows made into these awesome GIFs! Find the whole collection here.
Fall at Hulu


PerfectGIF-4 PerfectGIF-3 PerfectGIF-2 PerfectGIF

This post is brought to you by Hulu. Sit back and catch up on all your favorite shows on!

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  • Kendra
    December 4, 2015 at 11:04 am

    We have been LOVING Seinfeld on Hulu. Always a favorite.


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