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We couldn’t be more obsessed with today’s feature – Happiest Little Baker is flawless as far as we’re concerned! We had to share this idea as soon as we were introduced because we knew it will make such great holiday gift! For those of you who like giving experiences over things, this is for you!

All you do is sign up for their monthly baking kit and wait for the fun to arrive! They send these darling packages filled with pre-measured ingredients and instructions so all you have to do is pre-heat the oven and get your aprons on!

Happiest Little Baker We love how they’re pre-measured in easy containers, so our kids can actually handle this from start to finish and we don’t even need to worry if too much salt ended up in the bowl.Happiest Little BakerThis month’s kit is so cute – reindeer peanut butter cookies! With chocolate covered pretzel antlers and festive noses. Our boys are super project driven and of course loved every second of this, and even more so that they, and we, could let them confidently be the boss, or head chef. 😉Happiest Little Baker Happiest Little Baker is at the top of our gift giving lists this year, such a fun present that keeps on giving and our kids look forward to all month long!Happiest Little Baker

Sign up right here! Follow along for special deals and news via Twitter, Facebook and @happiestlittlebaker on Instagram.

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