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Priority Bikes

So many of you let us know you were on the hunt for a bike for one or more of your kids this Holiday and here’s what we’re suggesting this holiday. Priority Bikes are relatively new to the scene, with a crazy successful Kickstarter only just last year! Based in NYC you’ll see why we love these:Priority Bikes
Perhaps the best feature of the “Priority Start” bikes for kids are their tires don’t require air. This innovative style is so great for our kids who rarely want to stop to refill those tires, and who haven’t yet learned to avoid things that could cause a leak. We also tested them in a few different types of scenarios, snowy and dry ground and it did great in both!Priority BikesPriority BikesScreen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.15.07 AMThese bikes are beautiful, light weight, rust-proof and the seat comes with a handle so you can help them as they learn, and easily grab and store when they’re done. This style of bike comes in 4 great colors, too!prioritybikeAnother awesome feature is their 30 day no questions asked return policy. Makes the investment feel a lot less daunting when you have that backing it!Priority Bikes Priority Bikes What is a great bike without the proper helmet? We’ve loved Nutcase helmets since the beginning of time, their options are exactly what we want as parents, and kids think they’re cool too, how often do those stars align? Hayes is wearing an XS in the Little Nutty here and it fits perfectly. Priority BikesHere are some of our favorites from the Little and Baby Nutty lines! Do you have a favorite?

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