Book Guide: BIG Kids

We have covered a lot of different kinds of books – catch them all here! But today is all about the bigger kids. That next step in reading to and with your kids when they’re ready for something more substantial and they have one million questions about the world. We always make sure to gift at least one book under the Christmas tree and here’s several we love that we’d recommend for 5 years and up. big-kids-gift-guide

Home – a look into all kinds of places people all over the world call “Home” // Diary of Time Traveler – a peek into 100 of History’s most famous people // Once, an epic adventure for all the letters of the alphabet // Infographic Guide to Literature – digestible snippets to teach about all kinds of writing // Full Speed Ahead – A look into the mechanics of things that go. // MAPS – interesting facts about every region all visually illustrated. // This is the World – snippets of the best places around the globe // World Atlas – Bringing the World to Life

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