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We’re back with Hulu and another favorite Fall TV show… can you guess? The Mindy Project! When network TV canceled the goodness that is that show, we were all sighing with huge relief that Hulu took the reigns. More Mindy!

Our friend Meg said why we love and need Mindy in our lives way better than we ever could several months ago, but it begs repeating. Mindy is unapologetically herself. She has drive, she has flaws, she is confused and she is sure. She is all the things we feel as women each day and try to stuff down to be more palatable and Mindy allows us all to forget being palatable and just be our whole selves.

Her twinset pajama collection alone is enough for us to be her fashion cheerleaders, but Mindy Lahiri’s fearless sense of dress is something we look forward to weekly. One thing we always notice is her bold accessories. Headbands, big cocktail rings, bracelets and of course her statement earrings. mindyWe brought our best crafters over to make their own Mindy style accessories! This one is a super easy after school DIY that only requires a few supplies while it offers endless creativity and pleases a crowd with ease.Mindy Project DIYJust grab some treats, a jar of gemstones. A bag of barrettes, earring posts and backs, and headbands and a hot glue gun!Mindy Project DIYThe girls didn’t need any encouragement on being daring Mindy-style. mindy3We love that they still have that innate sense of fun with what they wear!mindy4.26 PMSo glad Hulu picked up our girl Mindy. Saying goodbye after 4 seasons would’ve been cruel! Our next Mindy DIY is going to have to be a Wreath Witherspoon, don’t you think?                  mindy2

Catch the The Mindy Project right here!

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