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We are loving seeing all the top 9 posts of 2015 on Instagram, so for our last post of the year we wanted to know what your top posts were on Small Fry! We know not every post can be a hit, but we always love seeing what resonates with you all and here’s what worked in 2015. We can’t wait to see you back here in 2016 with more Small Fry style and more of what we know you love.BEST

1. Why I Chose to Bottlefeed. This post went crazy and we think its because it gave a voice to women who felt like they couldn’t speak up without judgement. All sides of the discussion were so respectful and we are super proud of this one!

2. Lolly’s Birthstory and Nursery Reveal. Lolly’s arrival early last year was so exciting! She is the sweetest and been along for every ride and trip and we love you, Lolly!!

3. What I Didn’t Expect When I Was Expecting. This whole week of New Baby posts was so fun, this round-up of our advice and advice from our favorite bloggers was another fan favorite.

4. Girl’s Trip to LA. With Jenna’s move we went from being together multiple times a week to just a couple times a year, we love being all together and glad you like to see it too. 😉

5. We couldn’t be happier to keep the new baby fever alive with Emily’s announcement.

6. Nursery DIYs & Hacks. Another post from New Baby week that broke some records. And proof there’s crazy amounts of talent across the web.

7. Cal’s Birthday Party. Thanks to Pinterest, Cal’s dialect is engraved in our best posts of 2015

8. Baymax Party! Nicole’s parties are always so spot on, but better yet, nothing crazy. She is so good at simplifying, but still pulling off a beautiful party.

9. Adoption Week. Our third year of this, but always brings so much heart and soul to Small Fry that we easily lose sight of the rest of the year when we’re focused on calendars and deadlines.

10. Dinosaur Party! More evidence of Nicole’s party genius.

Cheers to 2016!

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