Playroom Update

By Nicole:

I live in a townhouse, its lovely, and I only wish I had more space sometimes (wink) but I’ve got to love what I’ve got, right? So in the mean time, I’ve been updating each room, one by one. Because, however small the space, it can be utilized and beautiful. Here are some items I’ve bought to beautify the play room. First, if you haven’t already, paint the room white. You don’t have to do the entire house, but the room a blank canvas. Everything looks prettier against a fresh coat of white paint. And start with these few items. Ill be back in a few weeks with more for you. Including the perfect rug! To begin, see below. Happy updating!


Midcentury Console for under the TV or book or toy storage. Natural wood child chair. This can be purchased separately or in a set of 4 with a table! All white canvas Teepee. Also check out Tnees for some other pretty teepee options. Pantone Hero posters, these come in many sizes the the HUGE ones are killer and make such a great statement, especially if you have boys like me! It took me a long time to find this simple toy chest. I also love the white one! They are perfect. OKAY, the Red Pup Chair is my favorite, ads such a darling pop of color, and my kids adore it! This Pantone Colors book is one of my favorite books of all time. Ill do a post soon with all my favorite mid century style kids books. Lastly, this white and natural console is small and just the right height for an art table or desk for the kids. Also works with the TV or book shelf like the console mentioned before.




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