Taking it With Me: Jenna

Next up on our mini 2015 recap Fryday series is Jenna! Things acquired and learned in 2015 that she’ll be taking into this new year.jfry

For my face: Okay the secret’s out and here is what changed my skin this year. It’s two fold 1. Rodan and Fields and 2. Hydrofacials from Spa Trouve. Okay wait third thing, Microdermabrasion. Contact my girl Kylie inspiredbyky@gmail.com and tell her I sent you – she can help hook you up with the same schedule I use. Also, call Spa Trouve if you’re a Utah local and get a hydro facial…IT’S LIFE CHANGING!

For my health: This year was a year of changes for me as we welcomed our third baby in to the family. Until you’ve had three kids I don’t know that you quite understand the adjustment it can be – at least I didn’t. So while I haven’t had the time I’d like to work out, eating well is still a huge priority for me. Additionally the he best thing I’ve ever done for my health is of course essential oils. I’ve taken these from year to year and there isn’t any stopping me now – they are truly life changing for our family.
For my body: Dry Brushing! I know it sounds wack a doodle but I’ve LOVED it. Here is the one I use. When you dry brush it drains the lymphatic system and is so good for skin health and kidneys!
For my  home:  I’ve loved finding new ways to make our rental home cozy. It may be “temporary” but doesn’t feel that way at all. We’ve been here over a year and I love that it feels like home. My new rug, bedpicnic table and Letter Folk board are some of my favorite purchases this year.
For my well-being: This has been a year of discovering how I can have mental well-being, silence and joy all in the amidst of a chaotic life. It may sound silly but an evening bath has been so much a part of the serenity I’ve found. I’m obsessed with the Zoe Organics Bath Soak and this waterproof speaker. I hook up podcasts from Brene Brown, my church leaders and Ted Talks and soak. I meditate, I pray and I have a minute to myself. It really has been an enriching thing to do for myself every day if I can.
For my kids: My kids have been SO in to this weather we have here in Southern California. It’s been so fun to be able to scoot and bike ride any time of the year.
Lesson Learned: 2015 was a year of independence and growth for me. I learned how TRULY capable and strong I am. With no family close by we did it all on our own and met friends a long the way who loved us and supported us. I learned that my critics don’t count and that I am brave enough to do anything. In 2016 I hope to better hone the craft of saying no. To set boundaries for myself and keep them, without feeling guilty.
Letting go of: Saying Sorry. I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry I didn’t shower, I’m sorry I was late, I’m sorry I’m sorry. ALWAYS SORRY. Saving my sorries for the stuff that matters and giving myself grace to stop apologizing all the time.

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