What I’m Taking With Me: Nicole

Last stop on our 2015 recap and what we’re bringing with us into 2016 is Nicole!

For My Face: You can read up all about my nightly routine in this post, and taking that time for myself will be something I continue to do. I look forward to it so much! A few reminders, Riiviva’s Microdermabrasion Kit does absolute wonders and I love to cap it off and sleep in this Korres Rose Night Mask, smells amazing and is so great for dry Winters.Taking It With Me

For My Body: It might sound silly but an at-home Spray Tan Machine has been one of my favorite purchases this year! I just like to be a little sun-kissed but I hate wrinkles, so this gives me one without the damage sun exposure can bring. I swap sprays with a friend and love it! Also my newest scent from Jo Malone, it smells incredible!

For My Health: The last few months I have really focused on drinking more water and less soda. It actually is the only reason I’ve shed about 10 pounds as well. I can’t explain it but I’ll take those benefits any day! I know most will roll their eyes, but in my case it has been very true. The trick for me is super cold and refreshing and easy to carry around. This White Hydroflask fits all those requirements.

For My Closet: This Winter me and the boys all got Patagonia Nano Puff jackets and its been awesome. They’re so lightweight, but absolutely warm. Easy to stuff in  a backpack, grab and go and lasts even into the Spring months but isn’t too much bulk. My size, and the boys size. Kids are $30 off right now here! nic

For My Kids: Even if I don’t talk about or show typical signs of being stressed, my kids can definitely sense that energy in me. In 2016 I want to make my home as peaceful as it can possibly be. I’ve noticed such a difference in how they react when I’m peaceful.

Lesson Learned: I read Co-Dependent No More this past year and it taught me so much. It is such a great read for anyone who’s dealt with addiction or the addictions of loved ones. It’s more than just for addiction, really any relationship where the other person’s problems are becoming your problems in an unhealthy way. Check it out!

Taking With Me: I am really just ready to take my people with me – the people who are fun and don’t weigh me down. Who are happy regardless of trials and can maintain a positive outlook when things get rough.


  1. on February 14, 2016 at 11:58 am said:

    Nicole. Co-Dependent No More and Melody Beatty’s writings changed my life. Get the book she wrote With a concept/ paragraph or two for each day. So often it seemed the Angela we’re bringing just what I needed to hear that particular day, even though she had written it years before. Inspired woman.

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