amazon, baby!

Our affinity for Amazon (Prime specifically) knows no bounds, and they have so many wonderful programs running to make your transition with a new baby even easier. New BabyDiscounts on essentials like diapers using Amazon Mom, their new Dash Button – running out of wipes? Click the button and they’ll send it right out. So awesome. As we figure out what our new babies prefers we are constantly making trips to the store, which can be heartbreaking when you’re recovering, they’re sleeping, you have kids to tend to. We come to rely heavily on that quick shipping option!

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Here’s some of our favorite items for purchase with Prime!

Amazon, baby!


4moms Mamaroo. Saves your bacon time and time again and the features are so ahead of their class its crazy. // Free shipping on this perfect crib that will transform through all your baby’s stages, such a great deal, too! // Super sensitive all natural wipes by Bloom Baby, a new find for us and we’re in love! // If your babies take pacifiers you know what chaos it can be when you can’t find that dang paci. Keep them coming on loop! Soothies here. // Mustela is a household favorite around here. Find your favorite lotion and stick to it with your kids (pending they like it, too!) the smell will forever bring those sweet new baby memories back. // Puj tub is an absolute must for those newborn baths. // Aden Swaddles, duh. // Halo Bassinet swivels 360 degrees, the side lowers down so you can scoop them out right next to your bed, and raises height with ease. Such a must! // Teethers because you never know when that fun stage will strike! // Happy Yogis, its always such a fun transition when they start snacking on solids, we love HappyYogis! // Comotomo bottles are basically as close to a boob as we’ve ever found bottle-wise. A+! //  We love having rockers for more than just the nursery, its a must when you have other kids and need to be where they are. Easy transportable rocker to the rescue! And lastly, the Comfort Cam baby monitor!


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