piano preschool

We’re always wondering the proper ages to start our kids learning a new skill or talent. Piano and other instruments are no exception! We had to share this darling kit from Piano Preschool for you parents out there who are looking to get your kids started in the world of music. One kit will cover three months worth of music advantage, formulated by Suzuki instructor and parents of three, the Wollastons. Here’s what one darling suitcase provides:Piano PreschoolIt comes with a DVD and CD for lots of visual and on-the-go learning. Harmonica, castanets, egg shakers and lots of surprises that come into play as they watch the DVDs.Optimized-PP015_Images_Website_WhatsInside1 We did it with the big boys and they were mesmerized! Ever since we hear lots of 1,2,3,4,5 on the piano and it brings an instant smile to our faces. Instead of waiting a full week for lessons we can sit down with them or put the DVD on whenever the craving strikes. Working at our own pace is such a wonderful feature.Piano Preschool As they get more familiar with the piano the book guides them through three months worth of lessons, so awesome! We put number stickers right on middle C so they can always keep their fingers in the correct positioning even when they aren’t working on a lesson.Piano Preschool Really, just having that guided boost is so great as we try to wet their palette and get them more comfortable with structured lessons. We love that it is created for preschoolers, and nothing is assumed, everything is explained and it covers the very basics.Piano Preschool

If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to get your kiddos started on their path to musical greatness, check out Piano Preschool! We are loving it!

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