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I truly love the stage my boys are in right now at 4 and 5, but I will tell you: I miss when they were about a year old and ate anything I put in front of them! That high chair stage where you could give them bites of everything on your own plate and they ate so fearlessly and happily. After about 2 1/2 both my boys took 180 degree turns the other way and became ultra choosy about what they would eat. It was a lot of chicken, quesadillas and spaghetti. Luckily, Hayes is grown out of that and is more adventurous now… we’re still waiting on Callum to come around. 😉 The Good TableBecause they are chicken lovers that is the base for lots of our meals. Another trick to getting them to try new things is to put it on a stick. Seriously, it’s like this magical serving style that overrides their new-food-aversion. The Good Table sent us a few of their restaurant style crust mixes, so I put all my tricks to use for this one!The Good TableI used their Parmesan & Herb flavor and the simple three step process was a breeze. I also loved that the crust also locks in the chicken’s moisture so the chicken was extra delicious.The Good TableThen I roasted inch squares of red and yellow pepper, just until tender and alternated chicken and pepper on BBQ Skewers. The Good TableNow comes the next trick – a reward system! Some call it a bribe, I like to think of it as an incentive. This Eating Adventure printable is great for motivating your kids to try new things! You can predetermine together what the prize at the end will be, print multiple copies for each sibling, even let them pick the stickers they want to use. Whatever needs to be done, right?NCC_0243This photo is not staged – Callum ate and enjoyed this meal. That is all that needs to be said for this review. He’s deep in thought about how much his mind is blown that he likes it. Ha!The Good TableYou can find The Good Table products next to the bread crumbs, coupons galore on their website, and lots of tasty recipe and preparation ideas on their Pinterest page! Thanks to them for working with us on this post!The Good Table

Download the Eating Adventure Printable made by Collected Blog for Small Fry below!

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  • FRYday | Small Fry
    March 4, 2016 at 6:00 am

    […] Eating: Had to update for those who asked – we tried the rest of the Good Table’s crusts from our partnership this month and they are killer! My kids love Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and this Peanut Crust for chicken was a huge hit! Hayes loves salmon, but that’s about it fish wise, so we snuck this Lemon and Herb crust on tilapia and they both went to town. Sweet! Find our original post and printable here! […]


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