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Today we are partnering with the new privacy app Sudo to share a little bit about how their free app can assist busy parents like us, and of course like you! Even though we all three are the best of friends and work in the same business, we all lead unique lives. We each found different key features we love about Sudo and so we wanted to share each of those features with you so you can see how the app fits into your life, too!

First, Jenna!

As many of you know I started working more with my favorite essential oils the past year or so. Hosting classes both online and in-person, doing education over the phone, and working closely with my own team as well as those new to oils. I spend a lot of time on my phone and sometimes feel uncomfortable giving my personal number out to so many people. Of course over time they become like family, but this year I wanted to create a better boundary of myself, and easier way to make “hours” for working, and save my personal number for my personal life. Sudo AppSudo’s feature which creates a new number for you to use for calls, messaging and contacts is amazing! I didn’t have to purchase a new line or carry a new phone, I am loving it and feel so much more confident giving that number out and enjoy the separation between work and personal.

Now for Nicole!

I suppose I’ve never formally announced it, but I am currently single and have been enjoying dating! Currently, not so much and taking a little break (we can catch up more on that later), but even though I don’t use online dating apps, I would be naive to assume that the guys I am set up with or meet aren’t able to access lots of information about me even before our first date. I know my friends are googling them on my behalf, so that assumption is an easy one. 😉Sudo App Sudo‘s ability to create more private accounts on social networks for me to share things with loved ones, to have that extra layer of privacy means so much to me. Protecting my boys is always my number one priority!Sudo App And having separate email addresses, and text messaging allows for dating new people comfortably!

And Emily:Sudo AppI love supporting small business and shops and I remember a few years ago I ordered a pair of shoes from this tiny brick and mortar shop out of state. I typed in my credit card info and the shoes came. A couple of days later I had a fraudulent purchase from a big box store in the same city as that shop, what a bummer! I assume that shops have encryptions and privacy for my credit card information, but having Sudo create profiles for me to shop online makes me feel a little better. They have their own SudoPay for credit card information, real-time transaction info, an email just for purchases so I can keep better track of what is going out and coming in. We created a new profile for my Amazon Prime addiction that took probably three seconds. Sudo AppSo there you have it! Three very different uses for Sudo! You can watch their video here to see even more features and download the free app right here!

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  • Sleeper-Man
    February 23, 2016 at 5:58 am

    Sounds interesting. Although I thought it had something to do with sudoku at first


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