Another weekend is here! Here’s what we’re thinking about this week. We’ll see you back here Monday, have a good one!!


Wearing: Who knew a pair of destroyed denim was such a novelty for a pregnant person. Thanks H&M for not forgetting about the bumpy ladies. I bought both of these and love them! The dark blue was super long, and needs a couple rolls, but the light blue is nice and cropped for warm weather.

Reading: About a 1/4th of the way through this and it’s getting real good. Such a beautiful father/daughter relationship. I’ll let you know how to plays out, but I recommend so far!

Listening: Come Save Me by Jagwar Ma! Such a fun song and perfect for the warmer days ahead. Two days this week were in the low fifties and I couldn’t be happier. Sunroof open, short sleeves. Utahans are known for taking fifty degree weather too far, ha!

Decorating: I never knew how often I’d need a globe with my inquisitive 4 & 5 year olds. After I bought this I have referenced it countless times. Such a great deal, too!

Watching: Broad City is back and I couldn’t be happier.

Feeling: Knock on wood, but I finally turned a corner with my “morning” sickness! I’m almost one week puke free! Hallelujah. It was an intensely long 21 weeks. Healthy food is starting to taste good and water doesn’t unsettle my stomach.


SWITCHING: I’ve recently axed Diet Coke from my diet. Not completely. Maybe a can a week or so, but, I’ve replaced it with this beauty and a whole lot of water. By some magical miracle the ice stays frozen all day long! Even in the heat of the sun.
RUNNING:  I LIVE in my running shoes, and have created quite the addict of myself. These are the newest and greatest.
ADDING: This fragrance is a favorite of mine, I’ve worn the perfume for a few years now, but have discovered the body cream and fallen hard for it.
VOUCHING: We have talked about this before, but if you haven’t converted… NOW IS THE TIME. This deodorant is a GAME CHANGER! I live for it. Iftact,  I’m almost out and starting to panic! Ordering now!
DECORATING: I have been a life long fan of the Volcano candles, and still am! However a new scent is liberating once in a while. Here is my new go to. Voluspa has lots of wonderful scents, but this is my very favorite. AND, the wax is black and so gorgeous out on the table!

Wearing:  I’ve been in super sick mode lately so it’s been all PJ’s all the time. I love these sweats with my T by Wang favorite black shirt because it looks like I kind of sort have my life together when I don’t at all. 😉

Reading: I recently started this book which I’m obsessing over. I feel like a generally happy person, but this one gives me even more insight in to what happy people do in their daily life and how it supports then in work environment and psychology.
Listening: Bieber all day every day. I am going to his concert in March and Also Serial season 2! And if you were in to season 1 there are updates on Adnan’s case coming through on this season and it’s so crazy. SOMEONE JUST TELL ME IF HE’S GUILTY.
Decorating: I am on somewhat of a self induced spending fast. Not just for financial gain, but because maybe I am a hoarder? Seriously my house is clean but my closest are in SHAMBLES. It’s killing me and making me so anxious. So this week I got a label maker and these bins and plan on tackling my house slowly but surely. Any organizational tips out there or websites to help navigate your home? Any advice appreciated!
Feeling: Rested after our recent trip to the Philippines! It was incredible and I fell in love with the country. But I came back with some crazy bug and mastitis so I’ve taken the week trying to get my Zen back! Glad to be back in real life.
Eating: See above, so nothing. The one thing that has made me feel a lot better is Kombucha which I particularly love with chia seeds…it’s so awesome for gut health.


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