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We are far from perfect but, we definitely keep trying at finding the best ways to balance the different elements of our lives as working (from home) moms! Healthy Choice asked if we’d share what does (and doesn’t!) work for us and of course being healthy and taking care of ourselves is such a huge factor.Tips for Busy Moms Healthy eating It’s the number one factor in how we feel inside, how we function, and in turn how we feel about our workloads, how we interact with our kids, and the trickle down effect is infinite. How we fuel ourselves is a big influence in how we fuel our children. It may seem obvious, but what we have in the fridge and pantries is what we and our kids will eat. So our first tip is stocking up with healthy, quick eating options. Whether it’s pre-cut veggies, keeping good snacks at the easy to reach levels. Bringing good snacks in the car and our bags help us on the go.NCC_0829One thing we were impressed with  Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers meals is that they use all natural proteins, and nothing artificial, you can get a well-balanced meal in minutes. Whole grains, and steamed vegetables that keep produce crisp and vibrant. And they store in the freezer so they work with your schedule not the other way around.

Don’t multi-task. This is something all three of us have come to believe whole-heartedly over the last few years. Decide what you are devoting your time to at any given point in the day and focus on that. When our kids are at school we focus on the house, work or making phone calls. When they’re home we focus on their needs: homework, getting them fed, chores or tasks, and quality time as a family. Having set hours for things works wonders as well if you can organize your day accordingly!Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 4.19.07 PMFind your tribe. One thing we love to do with our friends and family is trade time. A couple days a week we’ll swap kiddos and give our kids a chance to play with their favorite friends and cousins. Of course if it’s doable for your family, it’s more cost effective than using childcare or a babysitter. And our kids would rather spend time with their friends or cousins (less of that mom guilt) so everyone wins! This might not work for everyone, and of course there times when our workload requires more formal arrangements, but having childcare options you trust is everything!Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 4.19.55 PMTake care of yourself. It’s been said a million times and for good reason. If you’re flailing everything else you touch will too. Take the time everyday to find your center – whatever that means for you, for us it’s varying. For Nicole it’s taking care of herself through a before bed routine. For Jenna it’s making sure she has time to have connecting conversations with friends and family. For Emily it’s exercise, taking the time to do things for no other reason than to have fun and relax (for sure still a recovering multi-tasker.)

It could be as small as sitting down to a meal made with you in mind (how many times have you had your kid’s half eaten sandwich and called that lunch?) There is something so fortifying in sitting down to an intentional meal and taking a moment for yourself.

We’d love to hear what tried and true tips work (and don’t work!) for you! We’re always on the hunt for the best practices.


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