By Nicole:

Hi everyone! I try not to hop on Small Fry and get super personal, but Erbaviva is a really good excuse to do so. SO here I am, in all my vulnerable glory.

February was a really fantastic month for me, and I want to tell you a little bit about why. As some of you know, I’m a single mother to sweet Dash and Sunny. I have been for about 2.5 years. Things are going really well for our little family. With Small Fry, family, friends and everything happening in our world, we feel extremely blessed. I have been dating and hoping to find a good match for me and the boys, but recently have been feeling really…exhausted. Dating is exhausting! Does anyone remember? Or, is anyone currently dating? The conversation, the time away from the kids, its just A LOT. After a recently short relationship I decided to give the NOT dating thing a shot. I called it my February Fast.

I spent the month doing all of the things I really love to do. First and foremost, time with my kids. And focusing on being a really good mom. Not just the sort of good mom that I have been, but a really, super, wonderful mother. The kids and I have done so much studying and praying and reading a coloring and adventuring. All the things we really love and need in our life.

Second, I re-found some of what used to be my favorite hobbies. Skiing, exercising, being outside, strengthening relationships around me, serving and just loving MY life again. The life that God gave me. The hand of cards I’ve been dealt. Rather than frantically dating to spring my life back to where I thought it should be.

Third, I started taking care of myself. Really well.ErbavivaOn top of going to the gym, and my regular nightly regimen, I’ve added some new products and some really wonderful baths. Yep. Baths. I love them and they just got a whole lot better.Erbaviva2Erbaviva is a line of Organic Personal Care that I got the opportunity to explore, right at the beginning of my February Fast. Timing couldnt have been better. Here are some of the products I used that I fell in love with for myself. (They have a whole line for mommies-to-be AND baby too, that I cannot wait to use someday. Ya know, after the fast is over and then comes love and marriage and the baby carriage.)Erbaviva3The Relax Bath Salt (and the whole relax line) and I are having a really intense love affair right now. First, the bottle is HUGE which is always so appreciated. To not run out after two baths, am I right? It smells like a bright and sunny piece of Heaven and my skin does too.

The Firming Salt creates a toning effect on the skin. I love to use this after the gym, just in case I didnt work out quite hard enough (which is always). Truthfully, I like to work out by sitting in the sauna.

The Shaping Oil stimulates blood circulation, so I use this as well, just after the tub and salt usage.


I have really truly felt a transformation this month due to many things, but Erbaviva has been the cherry on top. I think I’ll keep this fast up for a few more months, as long as I can keep dating this perfect Farm to Bottle brand of luxury.


  1. Robyn:
    on March 3, 2016 at 8:44 am said:

    What a hard thing you have done and continue to go through. Finding joy in the journey and turning to our family and Heavenly Father is where we will find true peace. I love that you have shared this. I needed to hear this this morning.

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