We’re long admirers of Minted and so excited to share a few pieces we were gifted by them recently! There are so many amazing ways to acquire art, but we love their vast collection and representation of so much emerging talent. We’ll be sharing all of our picks over the next month or so, first up are Nicole’s picks!minted1 This print is by Melanie Severin – “Enliven.” I have loved creating my own abstract art this year, but when it’s your own you can’t help but point out mistakes or flaws, or even how you felt when you painted it. When it’s someone else’s piece I tend to just enjoy it as a whole so much more. I love the serene colors and that pop of coral, too!minted2 My last pick is “Lawless” by Jihye Back Kim. Another representation of what I spoke of above, but the movement always causes me to pause. I love that it goes anywhere in my house too so my constant shifting will always have a place for it. It might be hard to have every aesthetic element I love in a house with two zesty boys but art will always be one of them. I hope having a great collection will instill a love and respect for it, too!minted3To add that rustic calming touch, I chose this “All is Quiet” photograph by Jennie Kupelian.   Horses might have this effect on everyone, but every time I look at it I can’t help but breathe a little deeper. I wonder what he’s thinking and I love having it in my house!minted5 Find your next work of art at Minted! Their framing options are totally great and the collection is categorized to make it easy to track down a piece that suits your style and needs!minted6More of our homes here!

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