Happy weekend everyone! We are extra excited because both Nicole and Emily are heading down to California and the Small Fry fam will be together again at last. We’ll be sure to share the fun but face time is always the best and vital for our work morale. Who are we kidding, we’re besties and what other reason is there?
Wearing: ALERT! Karen Walker’s are finally at Nordstrom. They’ve been hard to track down where we live so yay! Love these. // Also soaking up my last few skiing days. It was so hot yesterday I had to shed my layers and just wear this vest!
Contemplating: Permanent makeup brows! I know, I’m shocked too!! But her work is incredible. Have any of you tried it? Check out her instagram at @allure.artistry or her site.
Anticipating: LDS General Conference. It’s literally my favorite holiday!
Reading: ANOTHER new coffee table book! Can’t be stopped!

frydayWearing: I am obsessed with really easy dresses that make it simple for me to function as a Mom but also feel put together. I’ve found a couple that fit the bill. When I am buying a dress like this they may be a little bit more expensive but I consider then a staple in my close that will last forever. This T-Shirt dress is soft, cozy and so flattering. It’s seriously the BEST summer dress. // Look no further because I have found the BEST summer sandal and for $22! Target come THROUGH! Love these so much. You can dress them up or down and they’re SO comfortable.

Decorating: I’ve been loving working on my mantle for spring! Of course everything is pretty much from Target! This wood vase has been so good to me and transitions through every season. This egg and these. Super cool too but when you use the code HOMESTYLE you get 10% off!
Feeling:  A lot! Ha! I love these moments we get on our Fryday’s to sit and reflect on our week because so much can change in a week. One week I can feel totally in control and high on life and the next week I’m like ALL THE THINGS ARE WRONG! Trying to gain control of a very busy life and looking forward to a happy positive week ahead! And a weekend spent with my SF babes who are coming to town!
Eating: Clean. It’s horrible. But I started BBG with the “Sweat” app and I feel the old motivated Jenna coming back and that’s super exciting!

Working It Out: I’ve recently purchased this awesome work out bundle. I’m trying to work out more at home and it’s super awesome, convenient but still freaking hard. I love that it uses resistance and your own body weight to really give you a killer workout. There’s tons of cool tips on the site and it’s a cool little startup so an incredible company to support.


Wearing: I swore off the resurgence of overalls when they started popping up a few years ago. But I don’t know why the pregnant belly has me reconsidering. I am bringing these on our trip and am still not sure, but I know they’re friggin’ comfortable. I’ll be sure to post and we can all chuckle together. H&M is proving to run a size bigger than everywhere else for me, so maybe size up? Also BEST news, they finally started accepting onli
ne returns in the store. Welcome to 2016 H&M!

Thrilled About: Another hilarious pregnancy purchase, the HOLO! You gotta say it like “Hoooo-Loooo” Yolo-style. All I want for my last few months of pregnancy is to just lay on my stomach. I am so looking forward to soaking in the pool in this baby. You literally stick your belly into the hole and lay down. Genius invention!

Reading: Heading out on a road trip and I need a good audio book! I feel like there’s an art to a good audio book and want recommendations! Any ideas to keep both me and my husband entertained? This list looks promising!

Listening: You guys are always so nice about my music picks. Love it! For those who asked I try and keep this playlist updated with favorites — follow along if you’d like! Loving Flume and a couple by Chet Faker this week!

Feeling: My siblings (well 4 of the 6) are finally kicking off our hopeful tradition of a sibling and cousin trip this week! We’re meeting at the beach and Disneyland (don’t tell my kids, last thing I need is the incessant when are we going to Disney questions) and I am so excited! My parents divorced when most of us were adults and trying to reconfigure how are family works without two parents that speak to one another 😉 at the head has been a learning experience for sure. We’re all taking charge and it should be fun!


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  • britt
    March 11, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    If it’s a road trip with your kids, maybe this is a little too Vietnam-War-era-gritty, but the best audiobook I’ve listened to in the last year was Okay For Now by Gary Schmidt (narrated by Lincoln Hoope).


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