By Jenna:

Small Fry was recently invited to a screening of the Disney film, Zootopia! Lucky for me I’m the California Small Fry so my family go to go. I felt so honored to be a part of such a fun night, especially since my whole family was invited and I love events where we can all go together!!disneystudio

First of all we are HUGE Disney fanatics – like next level. And so it was such a treat to go to Disney Makers Studio and be “behind the scenes” of the Disney Magic. Walt Disney is a huge hero of mine and his visionary ways have truly been unmatched.


Going in to the screening there was TOO MUCH excitement from my boys to get a picture so this is the best we could swing. Have you ever seen a movie without previews?? It was so much fun. And the movie was AWESOME – my kids died over it. I also love that it was full of adult (but clean) humor as well so it was entertaining for everyone of all ages! We did leave Lolly at home with a sitter and I was glad for that since the party was hopping (see what I did there) for a while 😉


(Boys are wearing Peek Kids)

Missing the rest of our Small Fry boys so much in this picture!


After the party we got to play with some of our blogger friends, meet some new ones and dine on mac and cheese and other yummy delights! We partied pretty hard and spotted some fun reality celebs like the girls from The Bachelor and Dance Moms 😉 We had so much fun exploring #zootopiaonthelot and if you follow that hash tag you can see a lot of other fun pics!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.41.34 PM


Oh! Got a lot of questions on my outfit. The lighting was pretty rough outside so this is the best I could get. The old bathroom selfie never disappoints. But really the show stopper is that floor tile – love it.

Shirt // Pants // Boots



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