Whole Food Lunch Ideas

It’s lunch time! For the last year or so with Quinn being in 1st grade Jenna has packed the best whole lunches and we wanted to corral them all here for you guys today! (If anything to give Nicole and Emily inspiration as we send our oldests to all day school next year, heartbreak!) Here are 15+ lunch ideas from her personal collection #jennakiddolunch on Instagram!wholelunch

Tip #1 Pack small portions from every type of food on the pyramid. They don’t have to be sauced or seasoned or even that exciting, just having options is so wonderful! They don’t need a ton to eat, either so overwhelming portions usually go uneaten anyway. Kids need healthy fats to function at school so don’t shy away from full fat yogurt, cheeses, or eggs.

#2 Get a collection going of silly cookie cutter shapes. We don’t know why, but kids always eat more when it’s shaped. This Wilton Set is a great deal and has 50 to start. Adding fun napkins or silly straws always helps, too!

#3 Find a great lunch packing system that works for you.  We love the Bento-way because it’s compact, keeps things fresh, and separated which all kids tend to favor. We love this new one from Bentgo because it is absolutely air-tight so nothing, sauces especially, will slip out or even into a different compartment. They’re offering readers 10% off with “SMALLFRY10” from now until 4/7/16.#jennakiddolunch

Okay let’s get started with some ideas!

First here’s a packed Bentgo so you can see what we mean!

Mini apple, Veggie straws, Hard-boiled free range egg (kiddos love to peel these!), if your kids waste the bread on a sandwich try taking it off! Our kids love these Applegate turkey and organic String Cheese roll-ups. Slide a pickle slice in there for a kick! Baby Carrots with Paleo ranch for dipping (the roll-up is great dipped, too!) And a little bundle of berries! #jennakiddolunch

  • Smoked Applegate ham, celery, cherry tomatoes, honey and peanut butter sandwich on organic 10 Grain bread and organic blueberries!
  • Blackberries, strawberries, Free Range hard boiled egg, sea salt cucumbers, Applegate Turkey Breast, banana, Baybel Cheese, honey graham crackers.


Kiwi Berries // Strawberries // Kettle Corn (Boom Chika Pop!) // rotisserie chicken // cucumbers, carrots and paleo ranch.#jennakiddolunch

Applegate Smoked Turkey, Provolone Cheese on Supergrain Bread. MCClures Dill Pickle, veggie sticks, strawberries, banana and a lilttle ginger cookie during Christmastime.


Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil (Trader Joe’s), blackberries, pomegranate, PB and Honey sandwich on 10 Grain Bread and pepperoni.


Stawberries, snap peas, carrots, Applegate honey ham, Red Lentil Pasta with Butter and Salt.#jennakiddolunchOrganic Berries, mixed nuts (check for no allergies in your class before sending), Salted cucumbers, hard boiled egg, Applegate Ham and Pita Crackers.#jennakiddolunchRaspberries, Babybel Cheese, snap peas, egg and ham sandwich on whole wheat.And a few more for your viewing pleasure!#jennakiddolunch









  1. Stephanie:
    on March 31, 2016 at 8:02 am said:

    Will he Bentgo Kids box fit inside a Potterybarn Kids lunchbox?

  2. on March 31, 2016 at 8:20 am said:

    Thanks for all of these ideas! So helpful. What is the brand of the silver bento box?

    • Small Fry:
      on April 4, 2016 at 7:51 pm said:

      Planet Box!

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