We’re all coming off our kids Spring Breaks this past month and feeling the itch for Summer big time! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and last couple days of your own breaks!
Wearing: Overalls! Yep I finally took the plunge and i LOVE THEM. They’re so so so easy, comfy and a killer quick outfit. I was also surprised to find my husband doesn’t hate them.

// Been collecting hoodies…cause you know how much I need them here in SoCal. // I am such a fan of self tanner at home and have found the perfect one I”m obsessed with and have been using for over a year now. The key to it though is really applying it with this mitt.
Decorating: I’ve been holding off on more decorating as I have been in serious dejunking mode. I swear my life and house and car are always filled to the brim with CRAP and I am so over it! Any tips to cutting back and getting rid of junk? I read this book and while it’s awesome it’s a little TOO extreme for my consumerism 😉
Eating: I am ashamed to say I’ll buy ANYTHING STAR WARS. My kids love it and I can’t help myself! I guess I should refer to this sentence when discussing my desires to cut back..ugh! But you guys I had to have this waffle iron.
Feeling: Andrew’s little brother is getting married in Austin in a couple weeks and we are SO EXCITED!! Any tips on traveling there? Would love to hear your foodie favorites!
Wearing: Summer on the mind! A friend recently showed us these! The kids are obsessed! AND they are helping them learn to swim! Keeps them afloat but also in good form for swimming. // Loving this Kingdom and State suit, and this one from Albion Fit. Brought these Sandals back, such a summer staple.
 Eating: I made my own version of Cubbys Quinoa Salad – the best – I could and literally eat it everyday.
Listening: Justin Bieber all day everyday.
Reading (nothing as usual, just buying coffee table books) Prettiest!
Wearing: I bought three colors of this dress last Summer and they are so cute on a regular bod, but proving their worth big time for this 28 week belly. Just send me all your links to easy tent dresses, please and thank you.
Reading: Still thinking about this talk I watched last week. So encouraging and poignant! Read or watch it here.
Listening: Eagles of Death Metal (the band that was playing during the terrorist attacks in Paris) encouraged other musicians to cover the song “Love you all the time” and the line-up is super impressive. Hearing that song over and over in so many amazing ways was super touching. All proceeds benefit terrorist attack victims! See all the versions here.
Decorating: I suppose its’ time to buckle down on the nursery! I feel like I’m starting over with Cal and this baby being 5 years apart. Gee, I wish I had a blog about babies I could read up on what are the hot, new products. 😉 But, really, first on my list is a video monitor, our old one is just audio – #dinousaur. This one won Babycenter’s Best of 2016 award, but it only has three stars on Amazon, interesting! Anyone have a favorite they want to recommend?Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.12.58 AM
Feeling: Currently heading to the airport  with my boys after our Spring Break in Arizona. Russ told me months ago he wouldn’t be able to take anymore work off the next couple months, and 10 days off possibly cooped inside with Utah’s Spring weather being such a rollercoaster sounded awful to me. So! I took a risk and flew us down to my brother’s house. It has been so nice to just be outside – at the park, the pool, in the yard. They’ve taken such good are of us and for sure a good call, but we are all missing Russ! Hayes has teared up every night for him, poor guy!
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  1. Giselle:
    on April 8, 2016 at 10:42 am said:

    Emily! My husband did TONS of research on baby cameras and we ended up buying one off Amazon called Foscam. It has an iPhone app so we can check our kids at any time while they’re sleeping (even when we’re out on a date). You can talk through it and it switches to infrared when it’s dark so you can see your little one perfectly. We have twins and have a camera over looking both cribs. We’ve had them for 3 years now and they work great, never had a single problem. 🙂 I’d highly recommend them. All our family has purchased them too and loves them! Good luck!

  2. Giselle:
    on April 8, 2016 at 10:44 am said:

    Edit – Sorry I meant it switches to night vision not infrared. 😬

  3. Katie:
    on April 8, 2016 at 12:11 pm said:

    We’ve gone through TWO Motorola Video monitors. After the first stopped charging, I called the company and they sent a new one at no cost. However, after a year, it also stopped charging. Now I need to find a new video monitor, but will definitely be looking at a different brand!

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