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We’ve been running a sort of unofficial Active Week this week and when we think of some of our favorite ideas for getting active with kids, we can’t help but think about Tiny Yoga! We ran this post years first ago, but our kids still talk about the sun and we’ve carried on doing yoga with them by video ever since! Yoga With Kids

Yoga With Kids(The boys are wearing the new line from Mini X Style throughout – SO cute right?!)

So today we had to revisit! Now that they’re bigger and more coordinated it was even bigger of a hit! Here’s how you’ll do it:Yoga With KidsStart out the kiddos with paper plates and yellow, orange, red, paint. They get to create their own “sun” which will help you guide them through the poses.Yoga With Kids

Once dry, you can lead them through the poses by telling them where their sun is going to shine. Through arm and shoulder stretches – Raise the sun to the top of the sky! Yoga With Kids

Yoga With KidsA little downward dog:Yoga With KidsOnce they’re all stretched out they can put the sun to bed for some trickier poses!

Warrior! One and Two:Yoga With KidsAnd Warrior Three:Yoga With Kids And a full lotus for some deep breathing to top it off!Yoga With Kids Our kids couldn’t have been more into it, definitely a fun one to try at home!


Cactcus Sweatshirt and Leggings

Sprinkle Pants, Sprinkles Snapback, and White Shirt

And our favorite mats!

Manduka is the top rated for several years in a row! The Pro is great if you like a thicker mat, the ProLite for a thinner version. The best budget-friendly mats have been haied from Gaiam! We love Lululemon’s too!


  1. Erin Laney:
    on April 13, 2016 at 8:09 pm said:

    When you say you’ve been doing Tiny Yoga on video, where can you purchase this video? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!!

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