3 ways to jump start good eating!

and not hate yourself.

Ya, we all know how this goes. You read a blog post about a girl who “chases her kids and eats yoghurt” and that’s how she weighs 105 lbs and you sink lower in your seat while gnawing furiously on a celery stick. We are built different and it’s a beautiful thing, but always take fitness/nutrition advice with a grain of salt (LOTS of salt if you’re eating clean 😉 ) and listen to your body and mind and figure out what works best for YOU!

That being said, here are 3 really SIMPLE things you can do to get starting living a healthier life!

1- Apple Cider Vinegar.


You’re groaning I know. But listen. THIS STUFF IS ELIXIR. Stop ignoring it and start taking a shot of it. 1-2 T a day and you’ll notice a difference in your skin, your immune system, your appetite, everything! Need more reasons? Here are 25. I buy Bragg’s. The other day I also found ACV in pills too if you can’ hack the taste! I recommend combining it with Cod Liver Oil (lemon flavored) to help it go down as well 😉 Add a drop of grapefruit essential oil and you’ve got my morning shot!

2- H20


The benefits are limitless when it comes to intaking TONS of water. You should be drinking 1/3of your weigh in ounces a day and the best way I know how to do it is with my hydro flask. This thing is seriously magic. It keeps my water ICE cold, like it could sit in my 200 degree car and still the ice would not be melted it’s incredible. I also really recommend getting the straw lid because it’s a known fact that water is better out of a straw.

3- Stop the Sugar


This is simple but definitely the most challenging of the bunch. Need motivation as to why Sugar is so detrimental to the body? Check out this article. The gist is there are NO nutrient in Sugar and it literally does nothing but hurt your body. I’m all about the balanced life so if you’re eating the best doughnut on a trip to NYC, eat it! You won’t get that opportunity back But on a daily basis do your best to avoid artificial sugar and I promise you’ll have more energy, clearer skin and feel better!

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