CIRCLE with Disney

By Emily.

So excited to share this new discovery with you guys today! We are constantly worried about our kids and devices. Protecting them from mature or inappropriate content, making sure the time they spend on those devices is educational and helpful to their growth. And of course keeping everything balanced — not too much but maybe enough to get that urgent email sent off. 😉Circle with Disney

We’ve all noticed (moreso in some kids than others) that too much screen time makes them GRUMPY! Irritable, agitated, restless. It’s so interesting to watch and seeing those reactions only makes Circle with Disney that much better. First look how pretty it is. It’s about the size of a softball!Disney Circle

It’s hard to explain in short in a blog post, but my job within my local church is actually to help the families in my neighborhood with this very thing. And in turn, finding the best ways to filter content in an affordable way has been something I’ve researched for a full year now. I’ve tried virtually everything, tested it out, put it on a phone or computer and this baby is far and away the most user friendly and all encompassing option.

Let’s check it out!

First you plug it right into your router. It connects to your WiFi Connection and from then on picks up any devices (phones, laptops, video game consoles) that use the connectionDisney Circle   Then you make profiles for your people. You can select which devices go under which profiles and create custom filters for all sorts of things. Like shopping for apps, filtering websites, TV channels and so much more. Disney Circle Also amazing is that you can see at a glance from the app on your phone how much time your family is spending on these devices.  Where they’re going, what they’re accessing and more.Disney Circle You can set a bedtime for each as well too, so after 8:30 pm the connection is frozen until say 8 am. This one is a game changer for me because my kids get up before I do and I honestly have no clue what goes on in the mornings so at least I know they’re not trolling YouTube for more limited edition toys that no one can afford. (Dang toy reviews.)Disney Circle Also comparatively, there are lots and lots of apps out there and websites that might filter, monitor, report, and so on, but you’re paying a monthly fee usually $49+ for the same features and Circle with Disney is a one time purchase of $99. I have yet to find anything similar that beats this! It really is so cool. If I can answer any questions about it please comment below, it is my job after all. 😉

Buy your own peace of mind here!



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