Munchkin Diaper Pail

By Jenna:

Did you know that you change something like 3360 diapers in a year? Mind BLOWN. So even after a zillion diapers, three kids and a lot of smells I’ve been unable to commit to a diaper pail mostly because I could never find one that didn’t stick out like a complete sore thumb in my house!munchkindiaper (2 of 8)

When I discovered the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail I was thrilled. Look how pretty it is!! It fits right in to the corner of my messy living space and no one notices it and if they do they just notice it’s so pretty!munchkindiaper (3 of 8)

On the top part of the lid is a Diaper Pail Baking Soda Cartridge by Arm & Hammer so odor seriously does not stand a chance.munchkindiaper (4 of 8)

Also I found that at Target when you buy online you will receive a $15 gift card back when you purchase the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail! What’s super cool too is that for every diaper pail sold Munchkin will plant a tree, yes!munchkindiaper (8 of 8)

Buy your Munchkin Step Diaper Pail here.

This post is sponsored but as always all our opinions are our own and we only promote what we love!

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