By Emily, in partnership with Baskin-Robbins.

With a new baby on the way we are really thinking ahead on ways to make both boys feel at ease with the transition. For five years it’s been just the four of us and getting one on one time with them hasn’t been too challenging. Each week Russ and I would take Cal or Hayes one on one to run a fun errand, sit side by side while we were doing chores, even bedtimes they get ample time with each of us solo. But now that we’ll be outnumbered, we know we need to be more intentional about this, it won’t come as easily for sure. NCC_7799 Baskin-Robbins recently launched their Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches and we partnered together to test them out (when have I ever turned down a baked good, never)! They cleverly called the campaign #sandwiching and thus our new plan was born!  "Sandwich" Date Russ and I decided that each week we’ll take one of our kids out just the three of us, a “sandwich” date if you will, with our kiddo in the middle. With mom and dad focusing on just one kid at a time it feels extra, extra special, right? It doesn’t have to be crazy or elaborate just intentional time focused on them. "Sandwich" Date Hayes hasn’t really known what it’s like to be an only child, Callum was born when he was only 16 months old, so the non-stop smiles we got from our date were priceless. He’s such a good boy, a wonderful brother and an even better son, I want to give him the world, and a Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich with sprinkles felt just as good from where he was sitting."Sandwich" Date You can try these Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches out now at all Baskin-Robbins locations! It is customizable from top to bottom. Hayes mixed and matched with a Dark Chocolate Chunk cookie on top, strawberry ice cream with sprinkles for the middle and a warm Double Fudge cookie for the bottom! The cookie is warm and gooey and it’s such a fun treat, especially for a cookie lovers like us!"Sandwich" Date Read all about The Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich and #sandwiching on their site!

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