Happy Fryday! Here’s what we got for you this week, so sorry for the link issues.


Loving these jeans for Summer!

We just bought this Child Carrier for the bike. Sunny still likes to ride with mama, and this one holds a child up to 40 pounds!

Thrilled about this find. The price is incredible and I’ve been eyeing similar ones for 4x this price! I bought the medium size.

I’ve been a lover of the Lumineers for years now, and this new album is thrilling me. 24/7!

Target ALWAYS does it again. Loving my new toteTOTE!!!

I have been helping a friend re decorate his new home, and I cant stop dreaming about this hardware for his bathroom faucet.



WEARING: My favorite Mom jeans that don’t feel so momish! Love the high rise and distressing on these so much. My favorite crewneck for summer that I am attempting to own in every color and now that it’s on sale I think it’s possible! I’ve been getting so many swimsuits lately and just clothes in general from Asos. They have such fun options and I’m obsessed with the wide selection.

Did you shop the Nike Sale? I know I did (yikes) ! I NEVER see this style shoe on sale so I bought them in both colors. They’re my favorite for working out and every day. They’re so weightless and incredible.


I’ve been obsessing over podcasts as usual. If you’re in to Serial you’ve got to tune in to Breakdown – it’s just as riveting. I’ve also really been liking the Relationship Alive Podcast my friend Lindsay recommended! it’s super great and been teaching me a lot of great tips to use in my relationships.

ALSO! Follow Emily on Spotify. Everything is amazing but I’m particularly loving tuning in to her Spring Bijou Market Play list.


Great! I’ve actually been in to counting my Macros lately which is a whole new type of eating I’m not accustomed to but I REALLY have resonated with so far. If you have any experience with it or tips I’d love to hear from you in the comments! I’m a total newbie and it’s a learning curve (hello I do NOT eat enough Protein!) but it’s been such a fun challenge. Along side my BBG Sweat App I’ve been finding a lot of success! AND! My favorite EVER Align pants now come in a cropped version and that’s something to shout from the roof tops!

Oh also! If you’re thinking of doing Macros you’ll definitely want a food scale and I really like this one.


Kardashians and Real Housewives. I mean how predictable could I be?



Wearing: All about the slip-ons this Summer, I have officially retired from bending down to do anything, let alone lacing a shoe! I had been on the hunt for this very color since last Summer and about died when I finally found them! It’s the perfect blush/nude and goes with everything. They keep selling out, so hurry and grab yours! Pairing it with this dress  (just size up a few if you’re pregnant!) for an easy Summer outfit!

Reading: I had this book recommended to me for post-baby and I am excited to check it out. It’s all about nourishing yourself in the many stages of Post-Partum-ness and what to do for each of the next 40 days. The right foods for the many moods. Looks gorgeous!

Listening: A lot of BØRNS! Every time I hear Electric Love I start to cry. The words remind me of this crazy non-stop kicking baby and how excited I am to meet him! Get me to July 4th! Also don’t let his nutty stage name throw you, he’s from Michigan.

Decorating: We have one the thing on the agenda this weekend, get the baby room ready. My old glider broke (too much Frame brother wrestling will do that) but we are in crazy saving mode, so the budget isn’t huge. I was stoked to find such a good deal on Amazon, of course. Perfectly neutral and so affordable, comparatively!

Watching: Veep is back and I am convinced it’s the only TV worth watching. Although I am biased because it is the only TV I’m watching.

Feeling: All of it. My side joints have caused major chaos this pregnancy making basically any movement painful. I sneezed the other day and it actually brought tears to my eyes it hurt so bad. HA! Sometimes I wonder if my hips are actually broken and I just don’t realize it! Sleep is a struggle and working out is totally impossible so I just feel like a big blob. Who wants to party with Emily, I’ll bring the complaints! New life, magical, blessed. If I add all those qualifiers, I’m safe right?

Eating: My #1 favorite flavor combo this pregnancy is chocolate, peanut butter and banana. Since I can no longer be left alone with no-bake cookies I started making a morning protein shake and it’s satisfying so many cravings and I definitely don’t feel as guilty.

Wanna try? A scoop of this Plant based protein powder. A tablespoon of natural peanut butter, a cup of almond milk, a ripe banana, and two handfuls of ice (10+ cubes.)


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