Banana Chia Pancakes

We are back with the second recipe in our series with Similac Go & Grow! You can read our previous post here where we go over all the health benefits of these convenient little protein and vitamin filled packets and grab the recipe for the best Berry Yoghurt Quinoa! similacpancake (2 of 3)

Today we’re making Banana Chia Pancakes with Similac and you can grab some samples for yourself heresimilacpancake (2 of 2)

Pancakes are such a staple in all of our homes. They’re quick, simple and EVERY kid will eat them. What’s super cool about Go & Grow  is it doesn’t change the flavor or texture of foods so it can be added to any recipe you’re already making on those days your kids just aren’t eating great! similacpancake (3 of 2) similacpancake (3 of 3)-2

Why Banana and Chia? Banana is every kids favorite flavor and is an excellent source of BG, Potassium and Vitamin C and can help support their tiny immune systems! Chia Seeds are the most powerful little thing and is jam packed with Omega fatty acids and nutrients. These particular pancake we make are flourless and sugarless making it even cleaner for your kiddos….and you!similacpancake (3 of 3) similacpancake (4 of 3)


2 Eggs

3 packets Similac Go & Grow

1 medium ripe banana

1/8 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 cup water

1 T butter


In a bowl mix all ingredients together, beating banana till there are no lumps and batter is thin. In a skillet warm 1 T butter on medium heat, take 1/4 c batter and pour in to pan. Cook on each side 1 minute or until golden brown. The trick to these is watch them close and keep them small!


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