Happy weekend everyone!! The first official weekend of Summer for a lot of you, yeah? Whether you love Summer or dread it you have all our love and support. Here’s what we’re thinking about this week:

NICOLE:Untitled-2Eating: After a long search for my favorite popcorn, I’ve concluded that Amazon is the easiest and most reliable place to find it. The only issue (which I hardly see as an issue) is you have to buy a box of 12. HIT ME!

Wearing: These minimal pretty Ray Bans have made their way to the top of my ridiculous sunglass obsession. They are the least cool, and the most bangarang.

Feeling pretty chubby lately (maybe I should reconsider that 12 pack of popcorn?), but instead I just drape myself in a lot of overalls and jumpsuits. Here are a couple of my go-to’s this week. SO forgiving, and I’m so grateful. This one is on sale at Madewell and another Madewell fave *(not on sale but worth every penny).

For the hair: Im always interested in trying new dry shampoos. Up until now, this Living Proof has been my fave. But the scent of this Elizabeth and James has me swooning!


Wearing: This Fryday is basically a summary of all the things I’ve copied off my Small Fry girls this week. Ha! Sorry babes. Love Jenna’s Madewell vest and thinking it’s the perfect layer over all the loose dresses I’ve acquired this pregnancy. Hoping it helps with that awkward post-partum stage. 20% off right now!

And the aviators she posted about last week really are super incredible. I ordered them the second I saw her in LA and LOVE them! Awesome price, too!

Reading: I am such a binge reader. I either don’t read anything for months or I shuffle through several in a short span. We’re on the latter right now. Just finished Grace – A Memoir  which is so fun to read for a retired stylist like myself. I definitely don’t miss those marathon photoshoots. Our Souls at Night, such a sweet, simple story that prompted me to start Plainsong by the same author. Ordered a bunch more in preparation for non-stop nursing, too! I’ll be sure to share how I like them!

Listening: Listened to this whole Nick Drake album while we roasted s’mores. It’s a good campfire album for sure!

Decorating: I love when people with great taste design something that fills a need of mine, it’s so convenient! Our friend and yours, Mandi of Vintage Revivals started selling these awesome temple prints (for any of you Mormons or LDS folk out there) and I just put mine up and LOVE it. You know how hard it can be to find religious art that also matches your design aesthetic but Mandi nailed it in my book! // Operation Baby Room is in crunch time. Snagged Indigo dyed curtains (on sale right now!)  (lined them with a heavy blackout curtain behind) and at Nicole’s recc ordered the small version of this Sputnik chandelier. It’s the perfect size for a nursery!  We just have a few more things to wrap up and we’ll be done! Phew.Vintage Revivals Shop


Untitled designREADING: I am LOVING this story called Sweet Thumb. It’s such a darling children’s story that teaches the importance of healthy foods in a fun way for kids. My boys loved reading it as they’ve started to have an added interest in nutrition. It’s a great story to encourage good eating in kids!

LISTENING: I’ve been a podcast junkie the last few weeks and ones I’m loving are The Lively Show for motivational/business and Actual Innocence for entertainment. You’ll be hooked. And I’ve been listening to them on the prettiest wireless headphones known to man kind. These rose gold ones I’m dying over.

EATING: If you follow me on @jennaskitchen I’ve been super in to Macros the last few weeks. I really like how it works and the challenge of trying to eat certain grams in certain categories (fat, carbs, protein.) The key to starting is a food scale and I love this one I found on Amazon. I also finally took the splurge on gold flatware and it’s gorgeous and makes all my meals brighter!

DECORATING: Just picked up this vase at Target, and since we recently saw Nate Berkus when we were in LA I feel like it’s made by my bestie!


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    So much love for everything in this post! You ladies know your stuff. Happy weekend!

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