Tiny Tourist: Scottsdale

Guys it’s been SO long since we’ve done a Tiny Tourist!! This is one of our VERY favorite features and since we do a lot of traveling we want to be better about bringing it back! If you’re an expert on kid things to do, see, eat in your city – give us a holler hello@smallfryblog.com we’d love to have you contribute! Jenna recently visited Scottsdale, AZ with her family so she’s taken it away today!

OMG I love that we are doing this again!! I STILL want to do a Tiny Tourist about our time in Istanbul this Christmas, I promise to get around to that 🙂 We recently took a family vacation to Scottsdale, AZ. We visited there in March for Spring Training and absolutely loved it. My Dad is from Mesa, AZ but we haven’t spent too much time in Scottsdale…and now we’re pretty obsessed with it.


We decided on the Four Seasons Scottsdale for our stay this time and omg we did NOT regret it. Here are my reasons WHY you should consider a 5 star hotel when traveling with kids.

  1. Even though it seems like a nice place wouldn’t welcome children, I’ve found the opposite to be true. The customer service and hospitality of a nice hotel is extended to it’s tiniest patrons too! We were greeted with tiny stuffed animals for the kids and cookies and milk in the room. Since they knew we had small children (they ask when you book) they had ALL the room child proofed. Every corner had a protector on it so no one got bumps, bruises, accidents. They also had Lollys crib up and running the second we got there and if you’ve ever tried to call up a crib in a hotel room, you know how LONG it can take and how frustrated it can be with a sad, sleepy baby.Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.58.16 PM
  2. KIDS CLUB. I can’t say it enough but the freaking kids club. Guys I love having my kids on vacation with me, but guess what? I also like having the option of eating dinner alone with my man. The Four Seasons (and possibly other 5 star resorts but I know for sure all Four Seasons) have complimentary kids club with your stay. That means from 9-5 there are activities for your kids to enjoy. And trust me when I tell you my boys would rather be at kids club then with me and I’m not even mad about it 😉 The staff is insanely kind, tons of crafts for kids, more cookies, more milk, must more is more! If you factor this amenity in to the higher cost of a nice resort – I’d say it’s WELL worth the cost.IMG_6147 IMG_6150 IMG_6151
  3. Food. F O O D. I truly had one of the best culinary experiences of my life this weekend. Every single item was more than I could have ever hoped for. Good food excites me so I was on cloud 9 the entire time. What I love about staying on a nice property is that the food matters to them – so you really never have to leave. The luxury of not loading your kids out of car seats a thousand times a day is vacation enough. Everything at the Four Seasons was ethically grown, organic and local if possible. They make truly everything from scratch and I think that’s just a beautiful aspect of a restaurant experience.
  4. Amenities. Obviously this matters but seriously – forgot a diaper? That’s okay they’ve got you. Sunscreen? Swim Diapers? Baby Lotion? Ya they’ve got you too. Packing is tough enough but a nice resort will make it possible for you not to have to leave or be in a bind. I really love this aspect of it.

Tip: You can find AWESOME deals on 5 star hotels if you pick a location and watch it. Be flexible on your timing and consider going in their “off season” as well as mid-week. The Four Seasons Scottsdale is less busy in the Summer Months considering it’s 300000 degrees but even though it was the surface of the sun we had such a blast being in the pool and lounging in a misted cabana, there was nothing “off” about it. I looked it up and I found it some nights as low as $149 which is a STEAL for such a stunning hotel.

We hardly left the property but the two things we did do I highly recommend.

Butterfly Wonderland

IMG_6213 IMG_6218 IMG_6220 IMG_6235This place was recommended to us by several people so we gave it a shot. First off it’s kind of expensive. We spent $73 on passes for our entire family which was definitely worth the experience but just be aware cause I initially felt like that was kind of high. I did later find $3 off coupons at the hotel (of course) so know that there ARE coupons available to give you some dollars off. But regardless of the cost, we were just enchanted by this place. It was such a fun, educational and unique thing to do…and indoors with air conditioning 🙂 It is the largest enclosed atrium for butterflies and is truly majestic. You can walk among the butterflies and even occasionally they will land on you. We LOVED this, except Lolly if you happened to catch it on my snap chat 😉 We totally think this was worth it and a definitely one time experience.


IMG_2271My boys LOVE to Golf (Andrew especially) so this was their paradise! Topgolf is such a unique place and there are several all over the country so you’ll have to check to see if there is one in your area. Basically it’s a golf simulation game and you hit golf balls off the building…..um what do I know I was just eating their killer good pretzel bites and gabbing with my cousins the entire time 🙂 Jude had a grin from ear to ear and Andrew was sweating at night’s end from all the competitive fun he had. While it’s outdoors the ‘bay” as they call it is air conditioned so it’s comfortable as you lounge on sectionals and order food! And at $50 for an hour (split between 6 people) it’s a really inexpensive and unique experience. I would do this time and time again if it was close to me. One tip I do have is not to bring an infant. We were on the top floor and the drop off was high and gave me anxiety! I was really glad I didn’t have Lolly there who I would have been trying to protect the entire night. The bigger kids were totally fine. Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.56.06 PM

If  you can’t tell by the pics we obviously had a killer time and can’t wait to go back – we’d love make Scottsdale a yearly tradition for our family. Have you been there? Leave any suggestions you might have for the area in the comments!

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